Plastic welding of bumper

A body shop offered to “plastic weld” some shards back onto my bumper instead of replacing the whole bumper.

Has anyone seen the results of plastic welding of a bumper? Does it look as good as new?

Google ‘plastic welding bumper’, you finds lots of info and pictures. It looks doable, still need to repaint, so it depends how much it would cost compared to just getting a new bumper cover.

I have been in almost every bodyshop in 13 counties and then some here in the midwest and I have never seen a shop use one. Nobody uses them. If the cover is in several loose pieces I do not see how it could ever appear to be a quality repair.

What was the quoted difference in price between repair and replacement of the bumper cover? If you were willing to have only the welding done, and not painted, it could be worth it. You would have a whole bumper cover, even if not perfect appearance. Ones choice.