Bumper repair


Yesterday I dented the right front bumper of my 2007 white toyota 4 runner. Nothing else was damaged other than the bumper. Here are my choices from 2 shops. From a body shop, I can have the bumper replaced and painted for $725, or I can have them repair the existing bumper and painted for $500. From a car repair shop that can call in a body shop expert, I can have the bumper replaced and painted for $600, or have the existing bumper repaired (I think they said something about using heat to have the plastic pop back into shape) and not painted for $250. Wanting to balance my budget constraints against also wanting to have a repair job that is not noticable, which of those options do you think is the best bet for me?


I would go for the $500 body shop repair job.


Go with the b/shop repair if it can be repaired. Heat does not always pop out a dent, it may “oil can” or go back in. It’s an 07, have it painted.


if the bumper is scuffed, NOT torn, the 500 repair sounds about right.

if it is torn (as in ripped open) then i would go for the replacement.

if it is torn, the ‘plasticweld’ can break and be right back to the big hole with just a little bump. (especially if you live in the north) (plastic is less pliable when cold)

also, make sure they check out the underlying ‘real’ fender underneath. there are low impact shick absorbers under there that may be damaged. you mey need them if you get into a real collision.