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Plastic fuel lines for Bosch Kjetronic CIS?

Where can I buy the plastic fuel line material?? The preasure control line is .200 inch O.D. If I replace the preasure control unit, the line will end up being too short. The lines to the injectors are about .246 inch O.D… Some of these have thin spots from rubbing on other parts. Thank You. Ron

While these system were being sold on new cars these lines were Dealer items (for damage like accident damage or ham handed mechanic damage) I really don’t know who has taken over the supply situation as I took the day off when BMW stopped using CIS, too celebrate, I hated this system.

That line used to be available by the foot at a small SAAB dealer here some years ago but they closed down and that was the end of that. This line heated after installation which caused it to shrink a bit and harden. I’ve never been able to locate any ever since and the dealer (still in business) can’t remember who the supplier was.

What I finally did was hit the Pull A Part yard one weekend and pirated the lines from an older CIS VW (VWs are braided steel) to use on my SAAB. There were a few minor tweaks involved but it worked.

CIS is wonderful when it’s working right. It’s not so great when it’s acting up, which can be the norm. CIS = Constantly In Sxxx.

For grins, I googled on ‘fuel line tubing CIS’ and found several sources and some good information right off the bat. One guy has imported it and is reselling it as of 2008, might be worth checking into here: I’m not sure the ODs match up perfectly with your measurements but perhaps it’s not as critical as the ID.

In addition, once you know the tubing material type and ID/OD size, there are a number of suppliers for nylon tubing or equivalent as a last resort.

Thanks, I tried google too, but tubing was the magic word that I did not use. Tried fuel line which did not work. Ron