Plastic Clutch Push Rod Broke in half!Can i fix it and how

Hi ,the clutch push rod broke in the middle ,more on the side of the master cylinder ,what can i do!!!HELP

Its made out of plastic

Drink a beer or go buy a new master cylinder

  1. Go to a Nissan dealer. 2) Buy a new pushrod. 3) Install new pushrod

and 4) Have a beer with your buddies and complain about Nissan pushrods being plastic.


Nissan don’t sell the rod on it own ,you have to buy the whole clutch master ,Why the hell is it made out of plastic ,I really need that beer .

So there isn’t a way to make your own rod ,out of steel maybe ??

Of course there is a way to make one out of steel. Just duplicate the plastic part in steel.

The How depends on the tools you have available and the shape of the pushrod. I don’t know what the specific part looks like so I can’t say how hard that is.

I can tell you that having a shop make on from steel will cost you more than the MC and pushrod.

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This is the closet picture i found ,the side that broke was more towards the MC’s side ,i just snapped in two.

I am really skeptical to get another plastic one ,i called the local dealers and they all say the part is prone to failure.

Looks like the pushrod part is separate from the “banjo” shaped part that connects it to the pedal assembly. I could make one from mild steel - 1020 grade or so. A small rectangular block to start and bore the pedal pin hole and then from one end bore the hole that gets pressed on the pushrod itself. Manually grind away the excess. Takes a drill press and a die-grinder and a couple of drill bits. You’ll have to figure out some retention method to the pedal pin since that seems to be molded onto the pushrod.

If this is such an issue, look to Nissan aftermarket parts specialists and maybe someone has a better one or the part by itself available.

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The push-rod is inserted into the '"banjo"and held with a clip on the other end of the MC ,as detailed in another thread ,Il have to jack it up this weekend ,and get it removed ,and then as long as it possible create a makeshift one made out mild steel,the most important part is that the length is correct it should work ,just scared i might damage the MC ,When i have to insert the metal one ,if its not already busted.

I am from Namibia in Africa ,Nambia to your president ,i literally called every auto work shop ,dealer ,you name it , i cant find ,anything here in my country.

But please be on the look out for something like that for me,maybe you can make one for me ,if i give the correct specifications

Nissan NP200 2011 Model 1.6 8V K7M engine

I bought a TR6 with a weak clutch. Pulled it out and it was obviously the wrong pressure plate. I replaced all clutch parts with the new proper parts and the clutch would not disengage. The push rod from the slave cylinder was incorrect and too short. I made an adjustable rod by cutting and trheading the ends of the too short rod and installing a threaded coupler and lock nuts.

You can make something; it is just a rod. Your’s doesn’t have to be adjustable. Look through the junk pile at a garage. You’ll find something

Here are a couple of ideas: Like said above, take the broken pieces to a machine shop and see if they can make a duplicate out of steel. Another option - if the plastic pushrod is a simple, straight rod, could you find a thinwall piece of metal tubing that could be used as a sleeve? If you can, then put the broken pieces in the tube, using epoxy to secure them in place.

It would help if you could post a photo of the entire pushrod.

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In similar situations I have measure and cut threaded rod and attached the proper size clevis to make a replacement for a missing or damaged clutch rod|dc&pcrid=164110844373&rd=k&product_id=74925371&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiKrUBRD6ARIsADS2OLnSc3n2nhXyLNQQzpotJr9Z6D9b5iqGluI0cd-AP3bcdHH35CVoJXkaAmM5EALw_wcB

When properly matched and bushed the patch was better than the original rod.

Is the rod truly broken, or is the plastic fitting that connects the rod to something else broken?

Hi Guys

The clip that connects on the pedal is fine ,it snapped basically right through the middle ,right before the rod goes into that cylinder part ,il send afew pictures this weekend once i remove it ,so i can provide you guys with the design of the rod ,then you please try and fabricate for me and ship to me,i will pay

If you want to make a replacement pushrod you might look for a brake master cylinder push rod from an old car without power brakes for a starting point. You can shorten or lengthen the pushrod to match your old plastic pushrod.

A valvetrain pushrod from an old engine cut to length then welded to a 12 MM nut like a lolly pop would make for a starting point for a pushrod. Bore the hole in the nut to fit the pedal connection and file the nut to the correct width.

@Nevada_545 ,You seem to have profound knowledge in that regard,would you be able to make one for me ,if i provide you with the correct schematics

I did it and now i just need to get a beer ,two buddies and start complaining

same thing happened to mine earlier when i was about to go to shops i managed to fix it with a piece of water pipe,see how long it lasts,longer than the factory bit maybe?

Seems like a good-enuf diy’er fix. Just curious, did you use plastic pipe, or steel pipe? hmmm … I can’t really think of any creative vehicle fixes using stuff besides actual car parts that I’ve done. I fixed my lawnmower’s carb a couple months ago using a beer cap though.

There’s some very funny threads here about poster’s creative car repairs.