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Saturn Sl2 Clutch

Help! The rod that extends from the clutch pedal and passes through the firewall came out of the firewall. I just inserted the rod back through the firewall and kept on driving. The clutch works and feels fine. But if I catch my foot under the pedal I can flip it right out.

How is the rod connected on the other side of the firewall? I can’t find a diagram anywhere. Read reference to a cotter pin? Is this something relatively easy to fix? I mean the clutch works fine? Drives great?


Look under the dash where the clutch pedal pivots on it’s bracket. By moving the pedal with your hand, you should see how the actuator rod attaches to the pedal. Usually, they are screwed into a small bracket, and secured with a back-up nut. It is a tight fit under there, but you should be able to tackle this with simple hand tools.

Thanks. I may not have explained it well. The rod is still connected to the panel. It’s the other end of the rod once it passes through the firewall that came disconnected. But again, weirdly, I simply slipped the end of the rod (no hardware on the end) through the firewall and the clutch has normal movement, pressure and works perfectly. But it came disconnected somehow. Sucks. I’m unemployed again. No keen to visit a shop. Appreciate your help.

Sorry. I said “panel” I meant to say “clutch pedal.”

As best I can see from a replacement part (, the rod fits into a plastic coupler at the clutch pedal. The master cylinder press-fits to the firewall? Chances are, it will fall out again. When, I cannot say. Replacing the system may be the only reliable option.

I have the same problem with my 02 SL. I posted on a Saturn forum and never got a response. I have really wide feet (5E) so its really difficult for me but I’ve managed for about a year now.

I can’t see anything on the end of the rod that indicates that something broke due to metal fatigue or that anything was ever attached to the rod. Good luck.

Thanks guys. My understanding is the rod comes as one piece so replacing the whole thing may be my only option. Yuk.

U haven’t tried it yet, but maybe a drop of superglue might work. If I get around to trying it and it works, I’ll let you know.