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Plastic body repairs

How does one repair the front end of these plastic cars? The vehicle is a '03 Pontiac Sunfire, but that really doesn’t matter for this question. The owner has caused damage to the nose of the car. He claims last years snow drifts, I suspect parking lot concrete stoppers. Anyway, this large piece is cracking nearly to the wheel well on the drivers side, the whole thing could bounce down, right in front of the wheels. Duct tape has been the temporary fix since it was brought to my attention.

The BIG question is, does the standard fiberglass repair kits adhere to the plastic as well as when doing standard metal body repairs? I’ll work from behind without removing the whole front end. I’ve not repaired plastic cars before, Yah, I’m older, get over it.

This is what junk yards (I’m sorry, automotive recycling centers) are for. Find a used bumper cover, splash guard, etc, at your local junk yard (sorry, automotive recycling center), and replace the damaged parts.

Replacement is much easier than repairing them. They’re not fiberglass. Fiberglass repair techniques won’t work.

Don’t repair it, replace it.

Color doesn’t matter. Take whatever color bumper cover or splash shield you can find and install it on the car.

It’s a Sunfire. Who cares what it looks like?

I second the recycling center option. That whole bumper cover (as it’s called) comes off with the removeal of a few screws and plastic rivets. Take a look at for a correctly colored bumper cover near you. Certifit, Keystone, and New world International all have Tiawanese after market covers available for most cars at low cost, but they only come in plastic black. See if any of those have an outlet near you if you can’t find a good used one in your color.

IF you really want to fix the old cover, there are special adhesives and techniques involved. You’ll have to get the stuff from a body shop supply if you want the highest quality material.