Plastic Bumper Replacement

2015 Honda Accord. Hit a hole, kinda ripped up the Plastic front bumper and plastic undercarriage, which are held in place now by Gorilla tape. From the YouTube it looks like it’s fairly easy to replace the bumper cover with an OEM one, while the body shop wants a grand.

  1. Why not keep using the tape? Will it fail inspection?
  2. What are the videos hiding? Is it really that easy? Get some nylon plugs and go crazy?
  3. OEM or aftermarket? Should I buy a prepainted one or have it painted after I install it?

Call your local auto recyclers and see if a used bumper can be located.

And if you’re lucky, one may have one the same color.



I got rearended, original cost for repairs for hitch and bumper cover $1400, had to deal with insurance company, $700 is what I got as they readjusted the qouote using used part.

The $1000 is $250 for the new bumper, $100 for labor and $650 to paint it the right color to match your car.

A cheap repair is a used bumper in the correct color. That leaves $100 to remove the old and replace with used.

No clue if it will pass any inspection because you didn’t tell us where you live nor can we see the taped up kluge that holds it on now.

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I live in PA. I can go to all white gorilla tape if that helps.

If you don’t find a used one, I’d do the OEM but get it painted. Sure to fit. I used one after-market that fit ok (the col.) or some brand, but they all don’t. Some fasteners might be a little hard to get at so take a look. Also you need to replace the splash pan if that’s damaged. Shouldn’t be much problem matching white but if it is painted afterwards, the shop would likely want to blend in to adjacent panels so easier cheaper just to buy it painted. I got a couple pre-painted wind foils and they matched perfectly. It’s new enough you don’t want to go around with tape on the car.

I was imagining seeing the bumper cover cracked/shattered.

Body shops give free estimates.

Take it there and let them take a look-see.

It may just need some new clips to reattach the bumper cover.

Oh! But bring some more white Gorilla tape. In case it’s more than that.

Don’t you have insurance on this 2015 Honda?


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Great. Thanks for the advice! How do I find out the actual color? It looks “white.” Is there a secret color listed somewhere?

The paint code will be somewhere on the tag with the serial number, usually on the firewall. You can go to these guys and plug in your car and see all the colors and the codes though. Maybe they only have one white.

Edit: Nope they’ve got about three to five whites. You’re looking for a code like this though: NH883P

Between us though, when I buy a car they will usually throw in a bottle of touch up paint to close the deal and it would have the code on it.

I’m with Testor on this. Not uncommon to see these clips and mounting points fail. From what I see the bumper cover itself looks okay.

I hate using my car insurance. It’s a thing. I save it for deer related catastrophes.
Sadly, the points the clips attach are torn out from the bumper cover itself. Musta been a hellova bump.

The mounting points failed on the bumper itself. Torn out. Musta been a hellova bump. I plan to keep this thing for 5 years at least. I think I’ma try to fix it.

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Do you think mini panel clamps would work to clamp the bumper cover to the fender?


Nice! I’ll check to see if I have enuf skin left.

I guess I’m the only forum member who is wondering about possible damage to components like the ball joints and tie rod ends. Yes, it is a good idea to get the cosmetic damage repaired, but I would suggest making it a priority to have the car put up on a lift to check for damage to suspension and steering components.

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Good point. Thanks!