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Saturn Polymer Dent Resistant Body parts

Is it possible to repair , after removal,From the back side, a cracked and broken fender from a saturn sl, and just do a touch up paint on the front of the fender? I know there are so called “Plastic Welders” Does anyone have experience with these? I am thinking it is like BONDO from the Back Side?? I can find multiple replacement fenders, new or used for $30 to $75. However, the body shop painting cost would be about $300. If I COULD FIND A BLUE ONE I WOULD PAY FOR THAT I KNOW ALREADY!!Best i found was a new primed fender for $70, plus shipping or a local salvaged in color silver for $ 30. But I guess I would have to first either scuff it up in order to paint or prime it before the color wal704f paint is applied. Not to mention the clear coat in order to match the current paint.

I personally know of no way to repair this plastic, but if there is one I’m sure there’ll be a repair kit of it on the shelf in the parts store.

Or perhaps an internet search would bear fruit.

Previously I had found a guy on Ebay that would sell you the removeable body panels for your vehicle in ANY paint color you specified…It was a good price too… In fact it was so good it didnt make sense to go any other way. Do a search on ebay for painted fender or bumper or something like that to try and find similar sellers… You gave him Year Make and Model and Vin or paint code and VOILA…it arrived ready to go! Cant beat it if the price is right.

As for repair…You can go to Harbor Freight and buy the Plastic Welder that they sell…I have one from a different company, but it was a Professional model and you prob wouldnt want to spend as much as I did…but for this and other plastic issues the Harby Freight one should work just fine for you.

I believe the panels you have are actually some type of PVC…definitely not Fiberglass…that plastic welder has many many types of plastics included as well as instructions on how to use it and how to determine the plastic type you are working with and which type of plastic rod to use for the repair…its definitely handy.

Go to Pull A Parts, they will be your best friend. I think a fender would be about $25.
The panels are Polymer. All of the panels are relatively easy to remove and replace.
For more info, go to which is tremendously helpful, I own a 97 SL (bought new). Also save some money and use a rattle can (spray can) to paint it.