Pitted Air Valve Hole In Rim

Tire had been losing air. It would go down to 20lbs and then the leak would stop. Tire shop found that the air valve hole in rim was slightly pitted such that valve did not have a clean fit. They smoothed it out and everything OK and its 6 months later at both highway and town speeds. Am I good to go or is this something to worry about? The pitted cavity was about the size of a pin head.

If it hasn’t lost air since the repair, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Valve stems come in larger sizes…The corroded hole can be drilled out and a larger stem installed…But don’t lose any sleep over it…This is quite common. Salt works its way in there and goes to work on the machined hole…

A silicone sealer is usually applied to the mating surfaces when the stem is inserted. The leak is repaired and it’s “better then new,” as they say. Ask your tire shop if they used the sealer. I am most familiar with a ‘bead sealer’ compound which is excellant.