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Buildup on wheel rims

I have a 10-year old vehicle. Two of the tires have been losing air pressure on a regular basis.

I have taken the car to the store where I bought the tires, and they have removed the tires and cleaned both the inside and outside of the rims, but I still lose tire pressure.

They tell me the tires are fine, and I have many more miles before they need to be replaced.

I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas?

Buy a good tire gauge and use it. Get in the habit of checking the pressure and adding air as necessary.

I have a car with two leaking alloy wheels. The tires have to have air added about every two weeks. It’s just gotten to be part of the routine for me.

Take the wheel off, lay it flat, and spray everything with soapy water, especially around the valve and bead areas. Chances are you’ll see bubbles where the leak is.

I’ve seen this many times… including my own car. If the rims have been cleaned properly and bead sealer applied and it still doesnt solve your problem, you will either need to keep adding air or replace the rims to eliminate the problem all together.

Some cheap alloy rims, including OEM rims may be porous and leak through the rim. They also can have problems after hitting a pot hole. If I had alloy rims, I and they had a leak, I would be looking for some basic steel rims that have fewer problems.