Green Slime



I’ve had a long-time problem with wheel rim corrosion and therefore a problem with keeping air in the tires. Finally a tire guy practically cemented everything and that worked for quite a while. Now it seems the problem is back. What’s the deal with this Green Slime product. A friend highly recommends it, but I’m a little leery. Help!


I us to work for a trucking company that used aluminum rims on 60% of there fleet. The way they got around rim’s pitting and tire leaks is to clean up the rim before tire installation and use black grease (rim grease) around the mating surface of the rim and the tire. This stopped leaks and also stopped the rim from corroding around the tire. Green Slime works mostly with punctures. It has a hard time getting to the leak were the tire and rim meet due to centrifugal force keeping it in the tire


They make a SLIME product for use in automotive tires, but I’ve never used it. I have used their specified product in my lawn mowers and snow blower where speed is not an issue. I’d be afraid that it would make a car tire tend to be severly out of balance until it redistributed itself while running. I suspect the car product is thinner, but would still settle to the bottom of a tire when parked. What is its freezing temperature? A green slimey chunk of ice would not tend to move much. For those reasons I like Jecooksy’s suggestion better.


Any tire shop will have bead sealer that is used for exactly the problem you describe. Just ask them to use bead sealer next time you have the tires off the rim.


I appreciate you agreeing with me. I live in Michigan were there know for using lots of salt.


Rim Grease…Gotta get me some of that…


Keep the slime away from your rims and tyres. It is likely to cause more problems than it fixes. I may be the cause of the air leaks to begin with.