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Valve Stem Problem?

I checked the air in all 4 tires of one of our cars this morning around 8:30 AM all tire pressures were good. The car was not driven since the night before (Around 11PM). Around 5:30 PM this evening one of the tires was completely flat! No nail in the tire that I can tell. I don’t know if somebody pulled a prank and let the air out or if when I was checking the pressure in the morning one of the valve stems stuck open somehow and let air leak out. Is such a thing possible? I filled tire with air and so far it seems to be holding fine. I think I will check the pressure again first thing in the morning.

You might want to bring the vehicle in and have the tire dismounted from the wheel to have the bead checked for corrosion.

My son works for a major tire retailer/service center. And when it comes to Chrysler/Mitsubishi wheels, the alloy is so cheap in the wheels that the beads tend to oxidize from moisture causing tires to go flat.

And if you can, watch as the tire is dismounted. If there’s a white cloud of dust that comes out of the wheel as the bead is popped, that’s aluminum oxide produced from the cheap wheel being exposed to moisture.


The car is due for inspection this month- If it doesn’t go flat before then I will ask my mechanic to take a look. Thanks!

2 thoughts:

  1. It is possible for a tire valve to not fully close when checking tire pressure. For critical applications, they use metal valve caps to prevent air loss.

  2. There has been a recall on Dill valves:

Or maybe someone parked the car close to a high curb and it damaged the valve stem. It is also possible that it just did not seal properly after you checked the pressure.

Wow- that’s kind of crazy- Hopefully it was a fluke- As I check tire pressures on all the cars in my family on a regular basis but have never had one go flat after checking before. Anyway- I filled it up on Sunday evening and as far as I know it has held- I guess I will need to put my ear up to the valves after checking to make sure no sound is coming out of them!