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Pink Leak

I hit a huge chunk of ice, and now I am leaking pink stuff from under the front part of my car. I am 70 and don’t know what to do

What kind of car do you drive?

Pink could be engine coolant or transmission fluid, but the make and model of the car may help us narrow it down.

Either way, it’s not good, and you’ll have to take the car to a mechanic to have the source of the leak determined and repaired.

Age and sex is irrelevant. Pink is usually power steering or possibly transmission fluid.

Take it a hopefully trusty garage and have any damage accessed. We cannot see the damage on this end unfortunately.

Or park in a clean spot, or lay an old cardboard box under the vehicle, and as soon as you see a spot, look straight up to learn where it’s comming from. Only then can you figure what to do about it.
I cautioned my 79 year old dad about how low his 07 Focus is and he routinely checks under the front bumper for any contact.

On a late-model Toyota, it could be coolant/antifreeze.

However, whether it is coolant, or transmission fluid, or power steering fluid, this is potentially serious–and expensive–if ignored. The car needs to be taken to a mechanic a.s.a.p., after verifying that the transmission and the radiator each have sufficient fluid. If the OP does not know how to check these items himself/herself, try to enlist the help of a neighbor who can do this for you.

If there is insufficient trans fluid or coolant, the car could be badly damaged by driving it to the mechanic. If you find a low fluid level, I would recommend having the vehicle towed to your mechanic. Your car insurance likely has a towing rider that will allow you to be reimbursed for the tow.