Pink Fluid Leak in 2008 Corolla

I hit a pothole driving today and my car started leaking pink fluid and was smoking out the bottom. I pulled into the nearest mechanic who said that I had done something to my engine and that it was leaking from the head(?). He did something to the engine and took pins out or put pins in (somewhere in the engine). I usually take my car to the Toyota dealer but I was out of town and my engine was smoking and leaking and I didn’t know what else to do. He said that it was all fixed and I wouldn’t have to worry about it again. Since it wasn’t my usual mechanic though I am worried. Can someone help and try and tell me what to do? Should I take it in, should I just leave it be?

Surely you received an invoice for this, what does the invoice say?

Pink fluid, as a rule, is automatic transmission fluid. “Did something to the engine and took pins out or put pins in” is unfortunately pretty vague.

My best guess is that the car was leaking coolant. Toyota coolant is pink, and the “smoke” was mostly likely steam. The “pins” (???) may have been clamps for a radiator hose.

The possible scenario that I see here is that the lower radiator hose somehow came loose, leaked coolant, and created some steam in the process. Anyone else want to weigh in on whether my theory holds water (or coolant)?

Take it to the dealer, have them check it out. Need to keep warranty in force.

Toyota uses a red coolant from the factory. Take it to the dealer, and let them look it over.

Thanks to everyone for their input. I brought it into the Toyota dealer that’s in my new neighborhood and everything was fine. It had been repaired appropriately and all seems well.

Could you tell us what was repaired? I assume that the Toyota dealership explained the damage/repair situation to you, and it would be nice if you would share that information with us.