Toyota Corolla Xrs 2009 Oil leak. No milky substance (Pictures inside)

Hey everyone! I am a total newbie in car mechanics. Next week, I have an appointment at the garage for an oil leak on my 2009 Toyota Corolla Xrs. Leak had already been ‘fixed’ by another garage few months ago.

I read a lot about the symptoms of a blown head gasket. I am pretty sure this is not it. There no bubble in my radiator conducts, no milky substance mixed with the oil, no smoke or anything like that. No performance issues that I noticed either.

So today I was obsessively thinking about this and I decided to try to figure out from where it was coming. I might have figured out from where, but I have no idea what is this piece. I read about the PCV Valve, but I am not able to figure out if this is it on my corolla.

Here are some pictures. The leak seems to be coming from that kind of ‘bot’ in the middle. This is where the oil is more fresh. Any clue on what it could be? Thanks! The image is showing the front of the engine, right side.

Edit: I can actually post a single picture as I am a new user.

That’s a coolant leak.

Not an oil leak.


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Hey Tester,

Thanks for you reply! How can I figure this out by myself? Is the coolant color different than the engine’s oil? Seems it could be many color from what I read. Is there a more precise way to diagnosis this kind of thing with limited tools?

Thank you

It’s a coolant leak because I can see a coolant hose connected to where it’s leaking.


The oil seems to be dripping from the ‘bolt’ above the hose, could it be leaking somewhere inside and it finds its way through the place where the bolt is connected?

Do you know what is this connector?

I know its not easy to figure out with this picture. I had to put a pint of engine oil as well, maybe not a related problem though.

This is where I think this is leaking from:



I’m done!


Did you tell the shop you have an oil leak or just say you had a leak . It is always best to just describe the problem as best you can and show them where you think it is . Solving things like this is their job .

I told them my car was leaking and that’s about it. Check Engine light is on along with VSC Off and traction control light. Will scan OBD2 codes tomorrow.

The engine has never been overheating to my knowledge, I would have notice. Coolant light is not on. Its been months now without any other signs than a bit of leaking. But I can’t have my car leak oil where I’m parking it.

Why do you think it is oil? Do you have to add oil frequently?

As Tester says that looks like a coolant leak.

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What I see in the picture is stains from seepage.
Is any part actually wet or dripping?
It’s good to have it checked, but if there’s no substantial fluid loss I probably wouldn’t spend money on it yet.

That is the oil pressure switch, I don’t see much oil under it. If you are getting a puddle under the rear of the engine it could be from that switch or the rear main crankshaft seal. Someone will need to lift the car and inspect for leaks.

Toyota Super Long Life Coolant is pink, look at the color of the coolant in the reservoir to see what color your coolant is. Toyota coolant leaves a pink mess when there is a leak.