Pine Tree Pitch on Paint


My 94 Volvo station wagon was parked under a pine tree for a week, resulting in small deposits of pine pitch. Some are hard, others still soft. I can scrape some off - is there anything which will remove pitch but not paint?


Bug and Tar Remover. Rubbing, or drinking, alcohol.


I had the same problem. WD-40 worked for me–softened the pine tree pitch and it came off. It didn’t appear to damage the paint.


Try mineral spirits. ASAP before the stuff turns into amber.


91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol applied with a soft paper towel. It is not a rapid solvent for the pine tree deposit but does the job and as was also said, does not damage the paint.


You guys are awesome - in the space of 9 minutes I have (what I hope to be) GREAT - and even CHEAP - help! THANKS so much.


Cheap?! See the cashier on your way out!