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Pick and pull prices

I need to replace the steering rack and pinion and pump on my Mazda 6. I was able to find a matching one at a local scrapyard but the on site mechanic is charging $60 just to pull the parts. Is this excessive or on par for this type of thing? The parts themselves are super cheap but I could buy the parts on eBay from junkyards for about the same price once I account for the pulling fee.

Excessive price , does not matter . That is the price there so either pay that , pull it yourself or take your business elsewhere. That is not an easy job .

Go pull it yourself and save the $60.

That way you’ll also figure out how to pull yours out and what tools you’ll need, makes putting it back in easier.

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You don’t install a used R & P.

You replace it with a remanufactured unit.

The reason they’re charging $60 just to remove the R & P is because it isn’t an easy job

You only install a used R & P once.

Then when the used unit fails a few months later, and you have to do the job all over again, you learn your lesson, and install a remanufactured unit.



This brings up a good question. Would you rather have the labor involved with pulling the part be called out separate or incorporated into the price you pay for the part? You’d be paying the $60 either way - it’s just a matter of whether you know it or not.

I think I’d prefer to have the costs a little more transparent and have it called out.

Trying not to sound like an idiot here but it’s my first time with this sort of repair. I know it is a costly repair. My car is 12 years old and almost 200k but I don’t even have enough money to buy a beater. Realistically I need it to last me through winter so I can work like crazy. Is it safe to buy a used pump though?

You should explain if you are going to do this or are you furnishing the parts and someone else is doing the work. I would not call this a first time repair for someone. And if you are furnishing the parts you will not have any warranty on parts or labor.

I will have to hire someone to install the parts.

Whats wrong with the power steering system?


Severe leak. I was putting fluid and stop leak in but after awhile it just started coming out as soon as I put it in.

Are you sure it is the pump that’s leaking? PS fluid leaks often are due to leaky hoses or hose connections.

re: $60 to have the parts removed from a junked car. Seems like a fair price to me. Since you can see the junked car you can make an assessment to some degree what kind of shape it is in. If it got hit from the back for example, and is in excellent shape otherwise, and it has less than 100k miles, good chance the parts remain serviceable, so better to pay the $60 b/c you know what car the parts are coming from. That said, I’d probably use re-manufactured parts for that if I had the problem.

I own two first gen Mazda 6’s, and one of them had a bad rack and pinion so I know. DO NOT GET A USED R & P! Go with a re-manufactured part. Replacing it will require you to drop the sub-frame. NOT FUN in this vehicle.

I suggest you buy the reman part and pay someone else to install it for you. That’s what I did. I had this thing replaced under $400 including labor.

Please don’t buy the stuff from eBay. I can’t tell you how many times I had to redo the same job over and over again because I bought the part from eBay in an attempt to save money. You will regret it.

Why do you need a pump?

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Last shop I took it to said I needed the pump as well as the rack. I’m not sure, although I do know I’ve had a few people look at it and they all said the rack is bad. Maybe they figured air on the cautious side and replace the pump too? It was a chain tire shop, I don’t think they were out to hose me but you never know

$400 including labor? All the remanufactured ones I’ve seen were super expensive and even the local shade tree mechanics wanted $300 just to do the job. I’m not doubting you I’m just curious how you went about it.

Have you tried this?

If not, follow the instructions on the bottle.


Yes! what is the model year of your car? I got the reman R&P for our 2006 Mazda 6 from Oreilly for $209 + $40 for the core, but they will give those $40 back to you if you give them your old part. I found a mechanic who was willing to do the job for $150. :sunglasses: No problems whatsoever

Why are you replacing the pump?

2006 with a V6 engine. Again, don’t know about the pump, The last shop said to replace that too.

Yes I’ve tried Lucas. It worked for a bit then it all started gushing out again. I’ve also tried the fluid pre-mixed with stop leak and same thing

The labor guide shows 3.8 hours to replace the rack and pinion assembly, expect to pay about $400 for the labor. If you can find a shop that will install a used junk yard unit they would likely also agree to install a discount parts store remanufactured unit that you provide.

Not to butt in but a rack at Rockauto is $150-320 plus $50 to 100 core charge that you get back. Shipping of course I suppose but I’ve never done that with them. The pump is another $100 to 150 plus the core. But I also can’t see why both would need to be replaced. You have to flush the system so maybe they thought it would be easier just replacing everything instead. I just think you need to know for sure where the leak is. Seals, hose, pump, where? It can’t be leaking from both I wouldn’t think.

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