$50- is it a deal?

I just got a quote for a used part- a power steering pump-from a recommended wrecking yard. Does this sound like a good deal? I’ve got quotes online from parts stores for about $180-225 including exchange.

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I’d buy a rebuilt one. look around at several autoparts stores.

Buying used parts is always a crap shoot. You have no idea how many miles this pump has on it. How many times was it run dry? Was it removed from the vehicle when the car came into the yard? I doubt it. It is probably still hanging under the hood getting water in it. I understand $180 is a lot but here is one for $138.00.

autozone has it for 161. short money to get a good one. the old one may not get you that far.

well, dartman beat me to it.and cheaper too

Well…if you find it easy to steer your car with no power steering and/or your budget is very limited, I’d try the wrecking yard. Odds are that it will not last long and you will be doing the job again. The same comment goes for discount auto parts store rebuilt parts. If you go that route, get the extended warranty, that way all you have to buy is fluid with it too dies.

I think this is more a test of your haggling, negotiation skills and powers of persuasion than yor automotive skills.

If you are stuck with the yard part for financial reasons, haggle the price and make sure they’ll change it if it’s U/S.

But keep in mind the time & effort required to change the pump again if it fails.

Last I saw something on scrapyard prices is that used cost should be about half of new so $50 looks good if you can get a satisfaction guarantee. If you plan to sell the vehicle, then the scrapyard part will get it out of the door for you.

Here’s the outcome. I ended up getting the $138 part (which I had previously found online, but thanks dartman). Just got it installed today. No more mysterious noise. I’m sure another one will pop up…

here is another source Rockauto parts. com