Pick and pull prices



a rack is 40 and removal is 60 so your at 100 now. and a remaned one is 200?
you can loosen front subframe bolts and remove rear bolts and lower back of subframe to access rack
you have stands and jack and tools and work area?


No I have to hire someone. I don’t have tools or a workspace


You want to buy used parts of unknown condition that could result in multiple labor charges without really knowing what is leaking. You could actually spend 2 or 3 times that amount that a shop would cost to repair this with remanufactured parts that would have a decent warranty time. I even wonder how you plan to take these dirty and nasty parts from the junk yard to whoever you chose to do the work . As someone else said you could do this and in a few weeks find yourself right back where you started.


Oh sorry I didn’t see your previous reply about the pump, that’s why I asked again.

So we have the same vehicle. :sunglasses: The reman MasterPro R&P they sell at Oreilly’s is $200+. Orders above $35 is free shipping, or you can pick it up in the store.

You can get a R&P cheaper at Rockauto.com but I just like how easy the returns are if I go to a local Oreillys’, plus they offer a lifetime warranty on the parts they sell. I just drive to any local Oreilly’s and that’s it. Money back. I have done it plenty of times. If you get a junk yard part however… :roll_eyes:

I replaced my steering rack around May this year. No problems at all. No leaks whatsoever. Once I got the R&P, it was just a matter of finding a shop that could replace it for me for a good price.

If you are trying to save money, the best would be to find out where the leak is coming from. You can use a cheap UV Dye kit. This is how I confirmed it was 100% just the steering rack that was bad.

Does your vehicle make any whining, groaning noises while turning the wheel?

Again, like everyone else I strongly suggest you to go with a remanufactured R&P. There is a chance you will end up doing this job again.


No noise it’s just stiff to turn. When I put the car in reverse I can sometimes hear a noise as if something is rubbing against the rack but it goes away once I put it in drive


I found a remanufactured rack from rack doctor.com for $150 plus a $75 core. I will check the other sites also


Thanks for all the advice. I ordered a rack from Rockauto it ended up costing me about 200 after the core and shipping. I’m getting it checked out again tomorrow to see if I really need a pump


The car in the junkyard is going to be sitting down in the dirt with he wheel off if it is like our yards around here. The guy in the yard who is going to charge you $60 to remove it will lift the car up in the air with a forklift. Unless you own a forklift, you are not removing it yourself.


At the yard I went to they’re all propped up on old tires so getting under it wouldn’t be the hard part.


As an update found out that the pump is definitely shot as well as the rack. All the fluid leaking caused it to run dry and ruined the pump. Also the sway bar links are shot in the front, serpentine belt is going, and I also need a rear forward lateral link in the back in addition to the shocks. My wallet is already crying