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Radiator fluid

I just stopped for gas and as I was walking into the store I heard a poof sound and my car was smoking and all my coolant came pouring out from under the engine, I checked the two hoses coming off the radiator and there both connected and not wet, the leak came from somewhere other than that any ideas. 2003 Hyundai Tiburon 2.7 liter GT

Either a hose popped somewhere or the radiator cap let go and belched overheated coolant into the overflow bottle which could then puke onto the ground if overly full.

My suggestion is to not operate the vehicle until the coolant situation is sorted out as overheating could roast an engine.

If coolant came “pouring out” the leak should be fairly obvious. Look a little harder. Could be heater hosed, radiator tank, radiator cap as mentioned, and as mentioned:

My suggestion is to not operate the vehicle until the coolant situation is sorted out as overheating could roast an engine.

I’m sure an engine is not cheap.

Well I found the problem my heater hose split, thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.

hey, that’s not too bad!

Ever notice that every once in a while you get a coincidence going in your favor? This thread reminds me of that. As a teenager I was driving my dad’s Ford truck on the freeway in Colorado when it suddenly developed a gusher, water spewing everywhere, so I pulled off at the next exit. I popped the hood and the top radiator hose had split wide open. Not knowing what to do next, I started walking. What do you know, there’s a car parts place at the end of the freeway ramp, like 100 yards away. I told them which hose I needed, they had it, and asked if I could borrow a screwdriver. I was back on the road in like 20 minutes!

I believe in car-karma, and this car must really love you. The hose was due to blow at any time, but waited until you had stopped and shut it off before giving up the ghost. This prevented potentially serious damage. Keep loving this car, it’s a keeper.

Go to any parts house EXCEPT pepboys to get the replacement.
( yes, I’m a little bit bent at those wierdos )

1996, Visiting the sister-in-law and kids in Albuquerque one Sunday, my daughter drove up from Silver City to join us.
’‘dad, my car is hissing and leaking.’’
’'let’s go look before it gets too late. I have a few tools in the truck.
popped the hood on her 89 Taurus and right there on top, a heater hose at the intake manifold was the culprit. I even knew the ford part number but this was Sunday so we’d have to hit the McParts stores.

First stop , the closest one, pepboys.
pb ; '‘sorry sir we don’t stock that hose’'
me; '‘well, could I look at the hoses you do have to see if there’s something I can make do ?’'
pb; ‘‘no customers behind the counter’‘
m; ‘’ well, I’m not exactly Joe Customer, I’m a parts man too.’’ ( hand him my card )
pb; '‘Uh…no. No customers allowed behind the counter’'
m; ‘‘then you go look for a hose 1" diameter on one end, a couple little 45’ bends and 5/8" diameter on the other…no matter how long the rest of the hose is , look for any that will go from point A to point B and I’ll make it work.’'
pb; '‘but it says we don’t have one.’'
m; '‘might you possibly just …GO LOOK ??’'
pb…well you get the jist of this encounter, after which I never set foot in ,nor called PB again. Not personally or professionally because that was NOT the first time , in town or out of town the PB has jacked me as a customer.

down the street six blocks we go to Auto Zone.
same initial conversation…do you have this hose for that car and they show not to have exactly by part number.
’‘may I look at the hoses you do have ?’’
’‘YES, FOLLOW ME’’ …:slight_smile:
--------------------car fixed-----------------------
curbside, on a Sunday, 140 miles from home.

next step; removing the old one.
in this case the hose goes from the manifold to a steel tube where there is a factory crimped collar clamping the hose …not the usual worm clamp.
investigating my sparse tool collection on hand, I voice to the assisting kids the current puzzle facing me…’‘we need to cut off this collar…we can use a regular clamp to re-install it …but I don’t have a hack saw …only the wood saw and serrated blade on my Leatherman…I thing the serrated blade will get it done.’’
--------------------car fixed------------------------
curbside, on a Sunday, 140 miles from home.

I was probably only 16 and with a buddy…way…way far from home or any stores, when I blew a heater hose.

I popped the hose and my first thought was that we were going to be stranded and i’d have to walk to some farm and call my dad for help.

My buddy just shrugged his shoulders and said “that’s not a problem”.

He went to my trunk…got a screw driver,and removed the offending hose. THen he removed the heater core end of the good hose…looped it around and back into the water pump to make a loop and tightened it down.

At 16, I don’t know if I would have thought of looping that hose back around, but when he was done I was sure glad that he was there with me.


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