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Coolant Leak

I have been having problems with my car. I had to add coolant to my car back maybe 7-8 months ago. So I thought I had a leak, even though I have no leaking showing on the ground. I took it in and had it checked and they said nope no leak that just over the years it can evaporate. Well last week I went to go get my oil changed and sure enough they said your coolant is running low and that I have a leak. They then told me they would not change my oil because the oil and coolant RUN TOGETHER! So that when I got my coolant problem fixed they would have to do an oil change anyways. Well I took it to a different place. Now they are saying it’s all my hoses and it’s going to cost a shit ton to fix it. Well talking to some friends they told me if it was all of my hoses which I was told my car has 3. That it would be leaking bad and that it would be all over the ground? Of course I am a girl and really don’t know jack about cars. But I was informed of this website! So if anyone can help. I just don’t want to have some car place take me to the cleaner. My one friend seems to think it could be a head gasket. But my car never over heats. But he also said in no way can it be every hose on my car. What should I do??? And what do you think?

Thank You! =)

OK, first what sort of shops have you been going to? Are you speaking of Iffy Lube type franchise places or a for-real independent garage that knows something about VW Jettas? You need to find the latter. Look right here on this website for a shop near you.

If you had a leaking headgasket, which might mix oil with coolant, you’d have significant overheating all the time, and probably be adding coolant daily. My feeling is that you have a small leak in one hose, but I can’t see the car from here.