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My 2003 Dodge Durango...AKA the money pit!

Took my truck into the shop to get an estimate for repairing all 4 shocks and rear control arms as I was told I needed. I was told that all 4 shocks with labor will cost me close to $1000 and a very puzzling thing…that 2003s don’t have rear control arms!

Now, I know the guys at the first garage have some problems with English from time to time, but I’ve never had problem with their verdicts before…but this seems like a big one.

Now, the questions are:

1) Is $1000 the going price for all 4 shocks?

2) If the front control arms need to be replaced, what does it run?

3) If it’s the rear suspension, and not the front control arms, what does it cost to replace those?

If you are in the Middle East and you have an American truck, the price may be OK. In the US it would be too high; $400 would be more like it!

I think you’re being ripped off. Get a second opinion.

What are the symptoms that make you think you need new parts?