Trouble with new Dodge Ram 2500

I have a 2008 Dodge 2500 Ram HD. I bought it new and before the warrenty went out some computer in the transmition went out. the truck would have no power and will not accelerate. They fixed but onec I got it back it started again on the way home. they fixed three times. Now I found out the the tie rods and stuff is cheap. One tie rod broke and they told me that they were installing a more stronger steering setup but I have to pay full price. There have been one after another problems with this truck and I have to drive over 100 miles to get a “FREE” fix. Now theres a clicking noise coming from under the vehical. What can I do?

You just don’t sound like a happy customer, and I don’t think you are ever going to be happy with this truck. Perhaps you should trade it in on a Ford or GMC 2500?

If you don’t trust it, fix everything and either sell it or trade it.

Yeah, my dad had a 2003 GMC serrea and that was a great truck. the dodge is supposed to be a heavy duty truck but it just keeps breaking down. I still need to pay thirty thousand dollars, so I can’t trade it in or sell it ( who want a heavy duty truck thats just not heavy duty).

You might be able to sell it for more than $30,000 if it’s a really high end truck with a diesel. What cab? What engine? What trim package? 2WD or 4WD? If you still owe $30,000 after paying on it for 2 years, it must have been a very expensive truck.

One more thing about the suspension: How were you driving it when the tie rods bent?

Well it been on some rough dirt road, but we never abused it. The tie rod broke and we had to buy a new one, but not from dodge. They said they don’t sell them any more cause they brake and only sell thicker, more heavy duty upgrades"We had to go to a suspension shop". So we ask if this is a recall, and they said “no” we had to pay for the full upgrade our selves. The think is this is a heavy duty Ram Dodge and it feel like a piece of crap.

Well its a quad cab 4 door, 5.7 hemi. Its a 4 wheel drive but it just seems like it was built for looks and not the actual heavy duty part. The original price was 48 thousand I think.

P.S. its gas and it gets 17 MPG.