Photo speeding citation now a WARNING NOTICE

Driving blood platelets emergently to a hospital for a teen in postpartum hemorrhage,
the photo speed van took pictures of themergencyehicle traveling 41 mph in a 30 mph zone. (In emergencies, the authorized emergencyehicle is permitted by law to exceed posted speed limits, proceed past red traffic signals and stop signs, etc.)


Considering the current COVID-19 situation, the Denver Police Department is suspending the issuance of Photo Enforcement citations and issuing warnings instead.
We feel that this approach would still allow us to address these errors in judgement while helping to ease the financial strain that our community would be facing.
We simply ask that you abide by all traffic rules and regulations for your safety and the safety of others.
We appreciate your compliance and support.

Below on the 8-1/2x11 page is a color photo of the back of themergencyehicle showing license plate and a photo of the front in which the red, blue and white lamps in the light bar are clearly operating.

You can view full color versions of the images at (web site), enter the notice number and PIN number provided above.

(There is no PINumber on the page.)

Hmmm interesting. Not sure if it relates or not, but I have been noticing the absence of police around my area. Usually I see a great many vehicles from day to day, as well as on the side of the road conducting police business. But not in the last few months…I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the establishment, nor have I seen anyone else pulled over on the side of the roads.

Perhaps it just isn’t worth it during this time of Pandemic? Pull someone over for a minor infraction and wind up with a potentially deadly disease that could harm you or a family member.

I wonder what the directives are lately…that the police are operating under, I suspect they are under slightly altered Modus Operandi

Yet this Monday, driving on the local 55 MPH highway (where if you drive 65, you better keep the the very right lane), I observed the police car in the usual “speeding trap” spot and traffic was doing usual slowdown before picking up back to 70+.

OK… Suspending PHOTO radar fines makes absolutely NO sense at all. No human contact is involved. None. Many areas that didn’t do this are experiencing an INCREASE in photo radar citations.

This is just as silly as Michigan allowing sailboats on the waterways but not allowing powerboats. From a pandemic safety perspective I see no difference. Or, you can buy a lotto ticket in Michigan but not a gallon of paint. Hmmm, social distancing??

I bought paint while FL was on lockdown. Called my order into the paint store, paid over the phone by credit card and they set it in the bed of my truck… no contact required.


Someone has to be at the office looking at the photos. And a lot of those photo radar tickets are generated by private companies (which is a whole 'nother discussion on why we should not mix the justice system and a profit motive), and if those companies are shut down, there’s no one looking at the photos.

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All electronic imaging. Software identifies the plate number and address. If a human needs to be involved at all, the employee can work from home if they were not already doing that.

I agree that the concept is horrible from a legal perspective. Hard to confront your accuser when the accuser is not a person. The company that installs them has a profit motive. The municipality that accepts them also has a profit motive - tax collection.

But this is a pandemic discussion.

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It’s probably that they actually do have to be at the office. This would be a system that pairs license plate numbers with personal data, and that’s not something you’d want floating around on some goober’s insecure wifi with “password” as the password. :wink:

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Amazing , seems no govt has any money now after this fiasco and they are mailing you warnings they arent collecting on . Now there is some smart financial policy .


In Connecticut, troopers are now stepping up enforcement on the highways due to increases in speeding and accidents.

Think VPN…

But more likely there is NO person involved at all. Think ANPR

No humans involved.

Think minimum technical skill employee working from home alt-tabbing between the VPN and his Big Fish Games launcher while someone screengrabs him because they installed a backdoor last week after convincing him they worked “for Windows” and needed remote access to fix a problem. :wink:

The humans become involved in order to meet legal requirements. You’re supposed to be able to question witnesses against you, which is hard to do with a computer. If a human looks at the picture and then clicks the ticket button, then there’s the witness that you can (but won’t) question.