Denver now charging fines for photo red light violations. $75
Citation: L000407688
PIN: 258705310

Mailed 8-1/2x11 page has 3 color photos - two stills and one from the 12-second video.

Computer-generated? The authorized emergencyehicle’s red and blue lights are clearlyisible.
Per EMS SOP, Denver Police Dispatch was notified of themergencyehicle traveling through Denver on thistreet.

In red ink:
“Failure to respond to this notice will result in a Penalty Assessment being personally served upon you and an additional charge of up to $59. Please be advised that failure to respond to a Penalty Assessment Notice will result in a Default Judgement against you and further collection activity.”

“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: png, gif, wav, mp3, jpg, jpeg).”

Can’t see the link… it won’t load.

They can easily be totally computer identified, and the letter generated much like toll readers used in Florida and Canada. Identifies the plate number, country, state and bills the owner of the registration.

No hands need be dirtied. Except yours writing a check to pay the fine.

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Like your “No hands need be dirtied” .
Sorry abouthe link. Worked from this laptop computer.

Citation: L000407688
PIN: 258705310

Will try to get ito work withouthe numbers.
That emergencyehicle had been retired.

What are you trying to say here?? Is this a red-light ticket for an emergency vehicle?

I tried it, it came back as an invalid citation/pin number. If you can view it, time the yellow light. If you feel the yellow light was too short, there should be an option to set a court date. The court date may mean you have to pay court costs. But if the judge agrees with you, not only could the ticket be thrown out, the city could be ordered to refund all fines collected using the cameras until the yellow light timers are adjusted to a reasonable time, as happened in Knoxville, TN.

Most states do not have a law concerning the length of the yellow light so it is up to the judge to decide if the timing was justified or was it too short. Generally 3.5 to 5 seconds are acceptable.

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Yes. Privately-owned Authorized Emergency Vehicle .
The red and blue lights areasilyisible in the photos and video.

(Yesterday I may have been photographed again.)

In court,he photo enforcement people were made aware thathe vehicle is authorized.
In a later court case, one of the “officers” admitted that he knows whathis vehicle does.
Such is why they have lost every court case.

When they lose, they (Denver taxpayers) pay the co$ts of personal service.
Buthey did not pay my expen$es of having to drive downtown to schedule a court appearance, andrive downtown again for thearing.

In the last 8? violations, they have stopped compelling me to court.
They have been cancelling the citations aftereceiving my email responses to their citations.
Buthe same-mail responses for previous “violations” did not result in cancelations of the citations. For those I was compelled to court.

If they compel me to court again, I may have to subpoena theirecords and sue for harassment and my expen$e$.

The signal was red 6.9 seconds before I entered the intersection.
The signal’s yellow phase is fine. Probably 3.something seconds.

After intense pressure from citizens, NJ outlawed red light cameras a few years ago.
Hopefully Colorado citizens can bring pressure to bear on the powers-that-be in your state, so that they are outlawed there too.

I do not understand why they have them. Aftered illuminates, there usually is a 2?-second interval before cross-traffic gets their green signal.
The photo red light cameras may have increased rear-end mishaps.

Must admithathe photo speed cameras have causedrivers to slow in areas where we tend to drive too fast.

There were some studies in NJ that did find an increase in rear-end collisions in some towns.
That was what helped lead to the banning of these revenue-generators in this state.

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If you drove around my home for as little as a day, you’d have your answer. Red light runners are rampant as are the serious accidents that they cause. This is why people sit at traffic lights for a few seconds before they move. Really slows down the flow of traffic.

There are studies that prove your statement. Especially when the yellows are shortened to increase revenue.

I don’t like red light or speed cameras. They violate my due process. I don’t like red-light runners as they threaten my safety and destroy traffic flow in my town. I really would prefer a police crackdown for a few months with a LARGE increase in fines to make the point about how dangerous a practice this is.


It’s called Driving Southern according to my daughter. She went to the original USC in Columbia, SC and I saw five cars run a solid red light while turning across traffic. I was shocked. She wasn’t. It’s SOP in Columbia and according to her, a lot of other places across the south.

I’ve seen red light cameras in Maryland, and they tend to be at school intersections or intersections with high accident rates. We had an elderly neighbor couple that died when they turned left and an oncoming car ran the red light and hit them.

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Must be one of those “southern” things that seeped down through Florida. One of the bad things!

Southern Florida may be geographically south but it really isn’t “Southern” with a capital S. People born here (yes, they exist!) don’t speak with a southern accent nor do they act typically Southern. Grits are usually available but not mandatory with every breakfast. Same for sweet tea. Even in the non-tourist central areas. Maybe all the northerners affected that.

Northern Florida including the panhandle is clearly Southern.

Regional accents are going away everywhere. My 70-something cousin from SC still has a strong Southern accent, but her children don’t. My brother in law and his family all live in SE Virginia, and the only one with a southern accent is his wife. She’s from Texas.

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Do you feel a $2000 fine would cause somebody to change his wicked ways . . . in other words, do you think the memory of that steep fine, and the sacrifices he had to make to pay it, would discourage his dangerous tendency of running red lights . . . ?!

There’s a reason I’m asking this

Several years ago, I got a jaywalking ticket which I know I deserved to get. It was blatant and in broad daylight. I could have walked a short distance to an intersection with a light and crosswalk.

$134 dollars . . . I will never forget the amount, because it was a hardship at the time. I actually had to put a few things on hold, because of the fine.

I have never jaywalked again . . . I can walk a ways and cross legally. Better than paying a steep fine. It’s probably a lot higher than $134 by now :heavy_dollar_sign:


Three is the most I’ve seen . . . so far

Did the red light runner get prosecuted and convicted to the maximum extent allowed by the law . . .?!

I would certainly hope so

Running red lights isn’t an oversight, poor reflexes or anything like that

It’s a deliberate choice, and if something terrible happens as a result of that choice, the person should face the music


@Robert-Gift How many minutes would you loose stopping for red lights? Is it a critical difference?

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$134 is an eye watering jaywalking fine but, as you indicate, it was a deterrent for you. Jaywalking is primarily a danger to the jaywalker, not the driver that hits you. You carry the risk.

Red light runners are more of a risk to others than themselves. Cars are much stronger at the front than the side so the hittee is at more risk than the hitter. A former coworker was killed that way in Florida by a red light runner.

I don’t know if $2000 fine would encourage everyone to pay more attention to reds. It might crush a few financially and be just a bad day for others. I think a judge should have some leeway in the punishment. A very rich person may dislike a few nights in jail, at his expense, more than a $2k fine while the average person might feel the proper amount of pain paying $500 and some community service.

But this leads to a bigger crime and punishment discussion not appropriate to discuss here.

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They don’t violate your rights or your due process. You can ask for a court date. But I do like your alternative better.

Do a little research, that is one of the arguments used to throw out these devices.

6th amendment violation from this Supreme Court ruling.