Photo Red Light violation (6 photos and 12-second video)


On the citation page: “You can view full color versions of the images and VIDEO of the incident at, enter the notice number …” L000240934
“and PIN…” 258701372


We had photocop. Got rid of it. Court said they can’t ticket a car. Cars don’t drive themselves! News flash.


If the vehicle owner is not driving, he/she can so state and provide a clear photocopy of their driver license. The photo enforcement unit can visually compare the photocopy with their violation photos of the driver and cancel the citation.
The vehicle owner need not identify who was driving.


They do not want passengers visible in the citation photos.

A man was photographed going through a red signal.
The citation letter, on which the color photos are printed, was mailed to the address of the registered owner of the vehicle.
Wife opened letter and sees girlfriend next to her cheating husband.


Have you considered stopping at red lights? That would make this issue moot.

Do flashing amber lights entitle you to run red lights? I thought the roof lights had to be red or blue in order for you to have the privilege or running red lights.

You’re probably darn lucky that other car stopped.


The vehicle is an authorized emergencyehicle (authorization signed by law enforcement) and operates under the same rules as ambulances.
Lights, (donated by the police department) are red and white. I removed the blue because I do not want to be mistaken for police Expeditions.
I do not rely on luck. As a licensed tree-hugger and greenie, when all vehicles stop I get out of their way as soon as possible so that the least of their fuel is wasted and air polluted.


Red light cameras, in my opinion, violate the Constitution because you are considered guilty requiring YOU to prove yourself innocent. Municipalities have gotten around this in various ways.

Red light runners need to be severely punished, not just given a simple “pay and forget it” ticket. The arrest needs to be by an officer of the law as it happens. It is a reckless act. Until the penalties are severe enough - 2 days in jail, $1000 fine would be about right - we are ALL in danger for our lives.


If all that is the case, Robert, it should be easy to get this ticket dismissed. What, exactly, is the point of this thread? What are you hoping to get out of it?


Photo and video is excellent evidence that one IS guilty. Unless one slides on snow or ice beyond the stop line, or moves into the intersection out of the way of an approaching emergencyehicle, I know of no way that one can get out of the $75 fine. 0 points.


Here, on the ticket, there are two potential levels of infraction; civil and criminal. The cop will explain that it is up to the officer to decide if the infraction warrants a criminal charge (reckless endangerment) and if so, you get arrested versus driving off with a simple ticket.

What, exactly, is the point of this thread? What are you hoping to get out of it?
Others may be entertained seeing what a photo red light records.

The photo enforcement unit “cancelled” the first four citations.
I was compelled to court for citation #5 and again for #6. "Case dismissed."
Then compelled to court for citations #7, 8, 9, 10. Judge kindly heard them together.
Each "Case dismissed."
This is citation #11.


Red light cameras are simply a means for contractors to make money and for lazy police jurisdictions to avoid law enforcement. They have nothing to do with safety. Its like hiring non-deputized contractors to patrol the roads and take pictures rather than hiring accountable police officers. How far we have sunk.


The Russian car crash videos sure are funny though.Are US and Russia drivers equally as bad or Russian drivers like to use dash video cameras?


Years ago, my Italian girlfriend said that in Italy,
green means GO,
yellow means GO FASTER to beat the red signal
RED means Go so that you do not stop and wait.

She said everyone rushes as if they are late to something.
But people are always late and no one cares. It’s expected.
Why not make every casual drive to the store into an exciting race?

Are US and Russia drivers equally as bad or Russian drivers like to use dash video cameras?

It’s not that they are any worse…just that there are way too many instances where the wrongful party leaves the scene. The dash-cam has become a vital justice tool.

There’s actually a dash-cam app you can buy for your smart phone. If I have to keep driving to Boston…I just may buy it.


Our used Sony 30-gig hardrive camcoder is a great “dash cam”.
Have shown its video in court.
What’s nice about a camcorder is that you can take it out and use for anything.

Many Russian drivers seem less competent. Many act as though they have no understanding of physics or right of way.
But they are getting better.

Red light cameras are simply a means for contractors to make money and for lazy police jurisdictions to avoid law enforcement. They have nothing to do with safety.

Its not always the contractors or the police. A big city near me was in a fiscal crisis and did not want to raise property taxes and they already pushed teethe sales tax to as close to its limit of 10% as they dared. So in a budget meeting they approved the red light and speed camera enforcement. Then they tried to tell the public that the only consideration was public safety.

On a side note, they have proven to be very effective at reducing accidents at formerly high risk intersections, regardless of the motivations of the municipality involved. As long as they don’t start reducing the yellow light time to increase revenue, I’m OK with the program.

I would like to see a local police official review all tickets before they are issued though, it might reduce the load on the courts for people fighting them. But face it, a video is pretty compelling evidence and it is NOT unconstitutional. It is conducted in a public place. Carry that to its limits, then no eyewitness testimony could be entered into evidence because it would be a violation of the criminal rights.


The whole thing was thrown out in Minneapolis and they had to pay back fines for a year because you can prove the car but not the driver. Cars don’t get tickets, but drivers do. So sending the owner of the car the ticket just didn’t pass the smell test. Still being used down in Cedar Rapids but I understand there is a big fight going on over them. The cameras are on a six lane highway going through town witht he speed limit at 50 or 45. Yeah they claim accident reduction too but really, on a six lane freeway?


Bing, the owner can be held accountable even if they aren’t the driver. If you don’t believe that ask anyone who has loaned their car to someone else who subsequently caused an accident.


On the citation page:
"If you were not the pictured driver of the vehicle in violation, you must include a clear, legible copy of your driver’s license and sign the affidavit below. … You may identify the driver in the spaces below; however, this is optional."
What’s Whitey’s full name?