Peugeot 403 - Value?

What is the value of the Peugeot 403

This isn’t that kind of site. This is a US based site even though we do have some European members. Peugeots are not sold in the US.

Your post indicates a 2020 model 405, not a 403. I suggest you search the internet for “what is my car worth” in your country.

Edit: If this IS a 403 IN the USA, I’d suggest Hemmings or Hagerty’s valuation tool.

Lieutenant Columbo drove a 403,

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Our 14th Peugeot post.

Have you ever plugged a nickel?

The only one listed at hemmings at the moment is an upcoming auction on a convertible in Spain. Estimate is 20,000-30,000 euros. Rm Sotheby’s later in the month.

Depends on how much fuel is in it.