Value on van with blown engine

Just had to go rescue a friend. Temp gauge pegged and the engine was trashed before I got there. She drove it after she said it started making all kinds of noises and began really getting sluggish. I have a guy who might want to buy it and put a used engine in it, but I’m not sure what to ask for it. I know it’s essentially a paperweight but there is value in parts. I’m thinking around 500. It’s a 1997 Pontiac Transport with around 190000

A 97 Pontiac Transport with nearly 200,000 miles on it? You’ld have to pay me to haul it away.


Start at $500, sure. Why not. The worst he can say is ‘No’. Be prepared for a counter offer as low as $100.

Anyone who takes it for free is doing you and your friend a favor.

Call a local salvage yard. They will give you exactly what it’s worth. The going value on something like that around here is about 50 dollars IF all of the glass is good.

If someone offers a couple of hundred bucks you better jump on it before they change their mind.

People in my area are paying about $`100-250 for dead cars - mostly to take for scrap. This can is scrap. Start at $500 just in case you get lucky.