Anyone know what this car is?

Let me reword my post so you all know what I mean. If your uncle left you this car and you have no idea about cars and don’t know anyone who does, how do you find out how much its worth?

Really? Do what ever you want with it.

Is this a legitimate post? Car appears to have been modified for some form of racing or could have just been for “boy racer” look.
Street legal? Clear title? Current safety or emissions if your state requires such inspections?
Easy answer, drive it or sell it.

As far as the title of your post—yes I know what it is.

Haha, yes totally legit!! My uncle was a madman. I think selling it makes more sense, as I can imagine getting in driving shape will cost me a lot of money and I know no honest mechanics. Any idea how to get an estimate or where to sell? I mean like how do you figure out what this is worth?

A slightly modded vette. If you live in Cali it might be rust free. What’s under the hood? That determines whether it’s more valuable. Is paint really dusty or does it have funky paint?

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There are several nationwide consignment dealerships, Gateway and Streetside Classics to name two. If there is one near you, perhaps they can advise you. Search for a Corvette club in your area, they too might be able to evaluate and appraise the car.

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Okay, I’ll see if I can get my mother to take a picture under the hood. Looks like he had it painted black to make it into the bat mobile? I don’t know.

Not a good statement to put on a Forum that has a lot of very good mechanics on it .

Use Mr. Google to find a Corvette club that can look at this thing . There are online sites that will use the VIN to tell you what equipment it has .


Well, unfortunately this is the reality, I really don’t know anyone. Maybe you know someone around daytona?

The car is a Chevy Corvette C3… about 1980 or so. Finding the car’s VIN will allow you to determine year and what is was built with. Go herr;

Look for a title. If you can’t find one, contact your state and see if it is on file and what it takes to get a replacement title.

Then you need to find someone who can identify the modifications. Maybe a gearhead friend of your uncle. Only then can you estimate a value.


I just Google Corvette Club, two in the Daytona area, three that I saw in Volusia County.

I would imagine that the owner of this Corvette would have talked to someone in the family about what he had and done to it . Find that person .

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This strikes me as a drag racing project. There are certainly resources near you in Daytona. That’s one of America’s centers of motorsports. Call the Motorsports Hall of Fame and see if you can get some names of people who are involved in local drag racing.

The rear tires are fat, but not slicks. They look like road tires to me.

79 vette is lowest price on vette curve.

You advertise the car and start taking offers. It’s worth what someone will pay for it, and the market for cars like this can be fickle. Meaning that some people find that modifying a car like this makes it worth more, and some people find that modifying a car like this makes it worth less. I’m in the “worth less” camp.

Run the VIN, look around the web for similar year Corvettes, and contact a local Corvette owner club. That will point you in the right direction.

Uncle willed a Corvette to a niece/nephew? Did you receive the vehicle title from the estate?

Looks to me like dark grey primer, not paint.

OP might send the photo to someone at the link below, ask if they are interested in making an offer. If broadcast in your area, watch an episode of “Counting Cars” for an idea what sort of stuff they do. Beyond that, Local corvette owners clubs, hot rod clubs in OP’s area, all may have someone interested. Parts shops & repair shops that specialize in custom cars, another possibility. Suggest to not expect a super high bid, looks like there’s some work needing doing there. Cosmetic work very time consuming and costly .

This car will only be worth much if there’s something special under the hood.