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Getting a new car

Good day people! I am currently looking at getting an entry level luxury car between 3 models.
The 2017 Audi A4 @ 176,800 or the Mercedes CLA180 @ 151,100 or the Jaguar XE @ 179,000
Any comments/recommendations?

Is that dollars or mileage? Or Euros? Seems high for any of these.

what year for the last two?

Try Each One Out And Choose The One That Suits You Most. Nobody can do that for you.

Of those 3 I’d pick the A4, and look at a BMW 320i (or whatever is equivalent money wherever you are).

I’ll go off-topic

Instead of those 3 mentioned, I would recommend a comparable Lexus or Acura

Either should be very nice, with much better reliability and much higher resale value than those 3 European cars mentioned

Acura has traditionally had a sportier and slightly more sophisticated steering suspension, versus the Lexus.

Yeah I’d take the Audi too if its money and not mileage. Maybe another rich Russian trying to hide money in assets before it all evaporates.

@DarrylChan Are these prices in Hong Kong dollars? As with a previous suggestion, I would not go for any of these; and would recommend an Acura or Lexus model, Lexus being the most reliable and longest lived. Prices for these would likely be less as well.

I just built an Audi A4 on the USA web site and just barely reached $60000.00 so I don’t know what the OP’s numbers mean .

As others have suggested, he’s almost certainly not located in the US

“The 2017 Audi A4 @ 176,800 or the Mercedes CLA180 @ 151,100 or the Jaguar XE @ 179,000”

What would those prices amount to in “real money”?


I’m betting these are the base models not available in the US - the cheapest A4 for sale near me (new) is $37K.

The CLA180 is not available in the USA; only the CLA250. It is not clear that the A4 or XE have the same engines or transmissions available in th North America. I don’t think we can help you with those cars.

I’d recommend the A4 to the other 2.

Get the Jag…you deserve it.


How about this bit of advice to OP

Get the Jag . . . you deserve all the trouble that’ll come with it :naughty:

While we’re at it, how about we also recommend Mini Cooper, Range Rover and Fiat :fearful:

I do not know what cars you had before, you are willing to buy the high ticket item, and know there will be high ticket repairs.That being said you need to take into consideration your weather. Had a friend with a jag, and 1/2 inch of snow was a major hassle.

My son has a new A4 (wagon). He loves it. But while riding down Mulholland Blvd., the clip that holds the visor popped off (broken) and into my lap. This is the second piece of trim that’s come off, and the car is only six months old.

I love my son, and I’m happy that he likes his car… but I’d take a pass. I’m reliability motivated.

With that kind of money involved I doubt if the OP is going to quibble over any maintenance or unforeseen hiccup costs no matter what the selection is.

I’m a thrifty (wife says cheap…) person so I’d take the Benz just because of the 25 grand lower cost. Twenty five grand of whatever currency is mentioned buys a lot of maintenance and repairs if needed…possibly. :smiley: