Pete Shedille Staff Urologist Joke?

I don’t get the double meaning and it’s been driving me crazy! Peachy Deal? Pee [Something]?

I know I’m going to feel like an idiot once I get it, but please help.


No idea what you are talking about but maybe you can explain the joke.

Right, to be more clear:

In the Staff Credits (Staff credits | Car Talk) the Staff Urologist II is Pete Shedille.

All the other staff credit jokes are easy for me to translate (Marge Innovera → Margin of Error, Pikop Andropov → Pick Up and Drop Off), but I can’t decipher Pete Shedille.

Any help would be great!

I had never looked at that list, just heard a few on the show.

I can’t figure Pete Shedille.

Petes head ill ??
his lower head.

Better than Dr. I. P. Peculiar

Or the Singing Urologist Urethra Franklin


Think in term of he urinated a little. I dun wanna be flagged.

I think you might have to find an old show and listen to the credits to hear exactly how it is pronounced. It will probably make sense then.