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New staff names

Pickup Andropov’s brother is Dryup Andropov!

And your director of risk management is Justin Case.

Didn’t I meet you a while back and didn’t you introduce yourself as Hugh Jarce?

I don’t get it. “Dry up and drop off”? I get “Pick up and drop off” and “Just in case” but what does Dryup Andropov mean?

Are you looking for Amanda Huggenkiss? She doesn’t work here.

The break-time supervisor is Ivana Tenkle.

Moe the bartender: “Oh why can’t I find Amanda Huggenkiss?!?”

Barney the drunk: “Maybe your standards are too high!!!”

Everyone: (Laughter)

Got to love The Simpsons!

Like leafs in fall, or fruit, or, more specific to the show, the urologist known for his vasectomies that go terribly wrong. He could be the show’s official urological surgeon or streroid presciber!

Parts manager Count Von Nutzen Boltz, offered in memory of a ship’s engineer, Erhard Gorlitz, who went down with the ship in WWII. This was his nickname.

I’m waiting for someone at the Show to work up the nerve to name a staff member after this (real) actor:

Baron von Dropnpartz

One of the sports reporters at the Baltimore Sun is named Peter Schmuck. No fooling! The first thing he wrote to introduce himself was that yes, it’s the name that momma gave him. He’s learned to live with it.

I heard the customer service rep is named Goto Helen Wait.

I was in Metropolis Il I thought, internet search says Paducah, KY, it was an actual store! Pharmaceutical consultant, Hugg the druggist. There is the chiropractor in our town, 262 area code, his billboard was 69spine, until someone complained.