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Perpetual Motion Machine...Has the Future arrived?

Hey everyone…it’s a new year and supposedly anything is possible. Even Perpetual Motion? Uh oh… Anyway I ran across this on Youtube a little while ago but I havent been able to shake it out of my mind. Below is a link to the Youtube video of one mans hard work…or is it YET ANOTHER scam ? I honestly cannot tell, what I do know is that this gentleman is creating quite a stir and there seem to be units in the mfg process as I type this. What could this mean for the world if this is no scam? Im sure we can let our imaginations run wild with that… I still cannot understand how this thing is even supposed to work…and additionally I dont understand how you would be able to add a load to the unit and it keep going. After looking at the link…you can then see other related links for the same machine and see the machine appear to be in manufacture. I dunno… Has the future arrived already? What do you guys think?


If they have a perpetual motion machine, they need to provide the paperwork behind it to articulate the physics and chemistry details.

Couldn’t agree more…but this thing seems to be garnering A LOT of attention. I can sort of thinly grasp the concept behind this…but I’m on a shaky foundation of knowledge for sure. I can almost believe that something like this is able to sustain rotation for a long time…but forever? AND adding a load onto it as well? That’s where it falls apart for me…if I knew more perhaps it should have fallen apart for me earlier… LOL


100% BS. The video shows a motor running a fan, no more. And not a single technical/scientific question about it from the audience? At a university? Obvious nonsense.

I have to vote with @texases on this one.

I find this video to be more technically enlightening.

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A scam like this took in $millions a few years ago in a small town near me

the small town television stations ran 30 second videos that were quite convincing.

Same thing happened with HHO, some small TV stations ran ‘news’ reports. I asked them why they weren’t exposing these things as scams, they had no answer.

They seem to be in production in other videos on Youtube… They also stated that these were able to produce 100 Horsepower… I just keep wondering what on earth these guys are up to with all this…

There was a guy back in the 90’s who showed a VERY similar machine…his video starts out with a motor on a table he spins one motor up with the other and then supposedly unplugs everything and it stays running. THEN he shows it installed in a car…I think it was a Teal colored GEO prism. The Geo seemed to be a normal electric motor to me…who knows how many batteries were in that thing in the back. I just keep wondering what these guys are doing and why they are doing it…if its total bunk. I get nothing but more confused when I watch something like this…LOL

Supposedly the fellow just up and died…some say he was killed. Here he is in this link…

This new guy seems to have a very very similar machine…and when I saw them in production…It really has me wondering what is going on? Maybe we will never know?


We know right now - complete BS! People lie, it’s that simple. Why do you think otherwise?

It’s that ‘crumb of fact + ton of nonsense’ that we discussed on that other thread. There is something call ‘zero point energy’, a description of the energy content of empty space because of quantum variations. These yahoos have no more ability to harness it than I do to jump to the moon.

Here’s some actual information:

Oh I don’t think otherwise…I’m just confused at their motives if its total BS… I mean do they expect millions of dollars for something that will eventually be proven a total waste of time? I think I am more confused about these guys than what they are selling…I cant tell which anymore.


Finally, don’t you think that something that would revolutionize society would have more discussion than some staged youtube videos? Like a single article in a respected publication?

Absolutely… I’m trying to understand why anyone would do or make something like this and tout it as actually working. Its almost like the Kiss of Death for anyone. Are they trying to receive money or something? Why do these guys do this stuff?


“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

I can’t do videos, but I know the famous Rod Serling was no stranger to this type thing.

The perpetual motion scam faded here and it was replaced with BIO-FUEL producers who contine to take in $Millions from investors but then suddenly go bankrupt and disappear leaving a tin building to foreclosure with a few pieces of old industrial pieces scattered around and a tale of being under funded. How is it people with hundreds of thousands of dollars don’t understand that there is no nearby source of millions of tons of chicken fat or french fry oil to transform into diesel? And who makes bio diesel out of sunflower seeds?

Isn’t that Professor Irwin Corey in the video?

LOL, I LOVE the videos!
I myself am just completing the process for turning lead into gold. All I have to do is figure out how to remove 10 protons from each nucleus. Should be simple. :joy:

I hope its not too late to get in on the ground floor. I’ve got a little lead in the attic from duck decoys so I hope that’ll help with my initial deposit.

Actually the Disney monorail is propelled by magnets but they have to be energized by electricity to give it the necessary push/pull for locomotion. I suppose you could do something like that with permanent magnets but suspect longevity and power available would be very limiting. I’m not an engineer though but I’ve always wondered what the Martians use.

Come on down! But bring your own tweezers!

Sorry, Carolyn, I’ll try to turn my comments back to machines. I promise :blush:

Thanks, TSM! :wink: