A new car...for $6,800?


Actually, this vehicle is more akin to a cycle-car, but for use as a local runabout, it might have some promise if it reaches production.

It’s been delayed multiple times. I’ll believe it when I see it. But I wouldn’t buy it!

Yeah, I think that production of this vehicle is a very big “IF” situation.

You can’t even buy a new Bombardier Can Am trike for that kind of money, and it doesn’t have an enclosed body. It might happen, but not for $6,800.


I would only drive one of these in a gated community. On the open road or in city traffic…no way. I gave up motorcycles for the same reason.

Just my 2 cents but I place the Elio in there as pie in the sky whose main purpose is to draw in venture capital and taxpayer funding while providing nothing more than vague promises and continued and delayed production dates. Bleed the system financially so to speak.

The same goes for the VV1 which became Persu Mobility. The release back in 2007 became 2008 which became 2009 and here we are in 2015 with the Persu forums disabled after the Persu cheerleaders started to revolt a bit.

I agree, ok4450!

Who knows?
This could actually turn out to be a scam, like the Dale car that was marketed (but never actually produced) in the 1970s, by a cross-dressing scam artist. There were a number of folks who lost money on that venture, which was designed from the beginning to fool folks into giving him/her money for nothing!

This seems like one heck of a pipe dream to me

I’m aware that the website claims the vehicle meets the latest safety standards

But I don’t believe it, not for $6800, at any rate

If this hypothetical vehicle meets all the latest safety standards, it’s going to cost considerably more

There’s a guy I know, he paid money to “reserve” some kind of 3 wheeled vehicle, which promised to get phenomenal fuel economy. When the Chevy Volt was introduced, this company quickly went bust. And I suppose his money was gone, also.

“the website claims the vehicle meets the latest safety standards”

That is true, but elsewhere on their site it also states somewhere that once they actually make a few, then they will subject them to crash testing. So…just like the rest of the package, that “compliance with safety standards” may be just a pipe dream.

VDCdriver, thank you for the link about the Dale. I had never heard of that one until now.

Regarding the VV1/Persu based on the Carver some guy posted on a forum back in 2007 about that one and was looking for opinions. All were unfavorable including mine.
Mine was that a website with a computer generated pic, a cardboard mockup, and promises of being available to the public in 2008 with a dealer network in place is not going to ever happen as a prototype had not even been built. Taking your deposit up front doesn’t inspire confidence…
I was vilified on the VV1 later to become Persu site for being a “naysayer”.

The promised 2008 date became '09 and then 2010 with a corporate name change and management shuffle. The people who were ripping me as being a naysayer and first in line to put up deposits started getting restless and the forum was shut down if not the site.
Some of those same people who vilified me as being “backwards and negative” set up another site and continued the cheerleading for a year or so before apparently coming to the obvious from the start conclusion that it’s all BS.

I can’t see much of a market for a 3 wheel car that seats 2 and costs 25 grand or better anyway.

“the website claims the vehicle meets the latest safety standards”

For what? A motorcycle? Which is what this is and the government will require it indeed will meet these. Or a Car? Which the founder seems to imply in interviews.

Given that a Can Am Spyder 3 wheeler is $22,000, color me skeptical.

Of course it meets the latest safety standards… for motorcycles. It is, after all, legally classified as a motorcycle… a “trike”, if you will.

I’d buy one. But I don’t have a motorcycle license. While I recognize the criticality of a training program for newbies, I’m not motivated enough to take NH’s required course. I have to tell you, though, that of these actually hit the market for $6800 I might just take the course and get my stamp. I like the idea.

I have to tell you Mustang that I was commuting when the Can Am came out, and I went straight to the bike store to look at one… but when I saw the price and the pathetic mileage, I realized that it’s designed as a pocket-rocket for people who can’t ride a bike. An expensive toy.

No doubt, TSM, the people I’ve met riding the Can Am’s are usually great folks with no prior riding experience at all. If I’m going to ride, I’ll take 2 wheels please. The Polaris Slingshot is a competitor to the Can Am, costing $24,000, but is more like a 3 wheel car. You sit IN it rather than ON it so its more like a roadster. I’d rather have an MX-5 at that price.

Given 2 different 3 wheel concepts both over $20K from VERY competent manufacturers, I have a hard time believing a start-up will be profitable at $6800. I’d consider one at $6800 - if the top came off!

I suspect that the $6800 price tag is an introductory offer. It probably does not even cover the marginal costs, let alone any fixed costs. If I wanted to buy this vehicle, I would research it as if I were an investor, looking at the business plan (as much as I could find). Getting parts is important, and a defunct manufacturer can’t sell them to you. I doubt enough information is available and that would take it of my list. I also have a long commute on the highway, and this does not seem to be the right car for that trip.

Considering the Elio is actually tooling its OWN engine rather than buying an existing engine like the Polaris and Can AM, I can’t see the business model ever making sense It is so far out in left field. The maker of the ELF 3-wheel electric/pedal powered car sells them for a whopping $5495 entry price and these are worlds simpler than an ICE powered vehicle.


The Elio’s $6800 under prices all but the most basic motorcycle. The whole Elio thing just smells like the Dale or the Vector. Seems like the founder will collect deposits, deliver a few cars and disappear with all the deposits and investor money leaving a pile of unpaid bills.

They’re selling the Twizy over here in Abu Dhabi. It runs $21,000. I have yet to actually see one out on the road.

Here’s an article about the 3 cylinder turbo motor in the Elio:

Hey, it’s based on the Geo Metro 3 cylinder, so it’s gotta be great, right?

If that Twizzy comes equipped with machine guns and rocket fired grenades, it should be a big hit with the arms buyers there. Put a bed on it and it could take the place of all the Toyota pick ups.

You realize we’re the ones exporting all those arms that the UAE is importing, right? America is making a killing off of a very small, very rich country that would like to be armed to the teeth in case anyone decides to take a piece of the pie. You’ll never see a gun on the streets here though.

I’ll agree the US makes some good stuff, but my understanding is that there are a number of other nations that also sell their ware there.