Permanently parked

This is surely strange.

Good way to avoid parking lot dings!

The tires look like they have been pumped up. Not sure how you would check the oil.

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That’s what they want you to think! Can anyone say Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place? Let the conspiracy theories fly.

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Well it would have been just a hop skip and a jump from the final sighting. But I still think he went directly to the crematorium.

Someone needs to take that so called artist, encase him in cement shoes, and throw him in the Chicago River.

In one movie, Jimmy was run through a large wood chipper!

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NJ legend has him buried under the end zone at Giants Stadium, or maybe in two or three other locations.
Take your pick.

I’m basIng this on the book I hear you paint houses. Says he was there when he was shot. Death bed confession.

Maybe all four!

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Yes, a possibility for sure.

Maybe husband got car in divorce settlement, and wife put it in a wrapping for him … lol …


a 1957 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, to be exact—encased in 15 cubic yards of concrete.

I am surprised there is still air in the tires and the springs and shocks can hold the weight. everything is probably just welded together underneath. but you would think the tire would be flat

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On second thought, there is probably cement in the tires too.

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The only way there is 15 cubic yards of concrete is if they also filled the interior.

Way less than 15 cubic yards of concrete, it was only coated with concrete.


For that? hmmm … I’d recommend new tires and 4-wheel alignment.