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The buried Ford

’ A man in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, England, set out to build a deck in his back garden in early April and uncovered a mystery. As John Brayshaw, 40, began digging post holes, he unearthed an automobile buried on its side, Yahoo News UK reported. “I thought it was an old air raid shelter at first, then I saw the roof,” Brayshaw said. “Then I kept digging and saw the door, the steering wheel and realized it was a full car, complete with the registration plate. The only thing that was missing was the wheels.” Brayshaw, who has owned the home for about six months, believes the 1955/56 Ford predates the previous owners, who resided in the home 50 years. [Yahoo News UK, 4/10/2020]’

I remember the Viking funerals, in which the guy was buried in his ship.

Jimmy Hoffa behind the wheel?


Actually pretty common for farmers to just bury stuff out in the field but in a small English garden, I dunno. Neighbors must have seen something. Now the guy has to recycle it within the current earth quality conservation authority and permits required and test for petro contamination. Or just cover it up again and sell the house. But he already announced it to the world.

A Ferrari was unearthed in a yard in LA.

I think I heard about guys getting buried in their cars.

A socialite named Sandra West was buried one of her Ferrari’s, San Antonio Texas in the 70’s. It was her request to be buried in the car, wearing her lace nitegown with the seat reclined comfortably.

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