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Hows this for Distracted Driving

I am a Product Relocation Specialist aka Truck driver. I believe it was in Virgina a truck driver Ran off the road in to the woods and was knocked out. While knocked out the police came upon his truck and noticed something in front playing. He had his laptop in a special mount and was watching "Adult Entertainment* This is what i heard on the XM Radio.

Well 2 nights later as i was driving down I-5 in southern Cali. A driver of a major company i won’t name but they have orange trucks and trailers as i noticed passing him watching watching a Movie on his lap top going down the road…

Guess his company for got to mention to him that it is VERY illegal for truck drivers to have a TV or even a lap top with DVD screen in easy view for us to watch. So i called his company no sooner i get off the phone He is pulling off to the side of the road. willing to bet his company told him to pull over they don’t put up with that crap at all.

At least he was just WATCHING ‘‘adult entertainment’’.
My daily freight driver tells stories of seeing a single person in the vehicle ahead but as he pulls alongside and looks down in…!

God must love idiots. He made lots of them.

Oh, and you should hold your head up proudly and say you’re a trucker, as long as you’re a GOOD trucker. “Product Rlocation Specialist”…that’s inventive.