Performance reviews and overall reviews Ford trucks

Anyone know where I can see reviews or should I go ahead and subscribe to consumer reports. I only feared that it may not have what I want.

I’m doing research and trying to make an educated decision on a truck: a Ford truck.

WHat I wanted to know is maybe towing capacities of F150-F250? This seems like a dumb question, but also what can one expect to get from gas/diesel mileage?

One owner claimed 21mpg from his 7.3 Turbo diesel but he also had a programmer. Where can I find info on a programmer to understand how they work?

Thanks for your continued responses.


You can get additional information at,, and Fuel mileage for unmodified vehicles is available at

Towing capacity for the F-150 XL regular cab 2WD with the base V8 is 11,300#. See it here: