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Perfect truck with one little quirk

I have a 2005 Lincoln Navigator that is perfect in every way except for a slight quirk…the geer shift sticks in ‘Park’ if it is running and I shift to ‘Park’. In order to get it out of park I have to stop the engine and re-start. Then there is no problem until I do it again. What could be wrong? Thank you for a reply.

It could be a problem with the brake light switch, which is part of the brake/shift interlock mechanism, although I don’t know why restarting the engine would make it work. Ususlly, if the brake light switch fails it’s stuck in PARK until you use the override.

It’s something to check, however.

McParadise Is On The Right Track.

Have you or somebody else accidentally spilled a drink on the shifter area ? Some 2005 & 2006 Navigators with floor mounted shifters become stuck in “Park” because of an electrical system concern or by liquid intrusion.

The floor shifter bezel may need to be replaced with what I believe could be a “revised” part.
It’s Ford part # 6L7Z-7D443-A Floor Shift Bezel.

Your Ford dealer should have a bulletin pertaining to this issue.