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2006 Ford Explorer automatic shifter stuck in park

Automatic shifter stuck in park

It could be a problem with the linkage or an internal issue. Have it towed to a good independent transmission shop.

It may be a switch on the brake pedal. It can’t shift out of P unless it knows your foot is on the brake pedal.


Good advice thus far from @shanonia and @davepsinbox_157004… Follow their leads… Both are excellent pieces of info…no way to tell which it is, however the brake switch and the shift lock solenoid are more prone to failure imho… happens often.

Sometimes…if your shifter is not all the way up…as in all the way in Park…it can load the lock solenoids lock pawl in its locked position…as the solenoids “unlock action” is not that strong.

I would do this real quick. Get in your truck…turn the key all the way on…no start… Apply the brakes on an off…you should be able to hear the gentle sound of the shift lock solenoid responding to your brake on and off inputs… If you dont hear the solenoid unlocking the shifter… Hold, move or jiggle the shifter arm UP…toward the windshield…to possibly relieve strain or stress on the lock pawl while tapping the brakes on and off… if you suddenly hear the solenoid responding…move the shifter out of park.

If you can not ever hear the solenoid responding to brake inputs… you need to investigate the shift lock solenoid (within the steering column cover)…and or the brake switch. If those are working…then you are on to mechanical linkage investigations.

Thats what I would do…

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You didn’t happen to park on a steep incline without using the parking brake? If so, the parking pawl may have too much pressure on it to release.