Pep boys FUTURA Tires VS Peoples Global FUTURE

Why wont anyone help me fight PEP BOYS… I feel like Tucker, hughs so meny other visionaries fighting Gloith for a Global Cause by


I read your page as a courtesy. I think Pep Boys is completely within their rights to oppose. If I read the page correctly, your attempting to brand a very common word ‘FUTURE’, which is very close to their long held brand ‘FUTURA’. You have a non-specific application for this brand, and it could very easily be applied to competitive products if approved. And, there is a reason most companies brand names that are twists on common words, like ‘FUTURA’ or make names up, like ‘EXXON’. It is to avoid problems your facing. You could also combine words, like ‘FUTURE VISION’. This may help yo get over that hurdle.

You aren’t the only one. There’s a woman named Sony that opened a restaurant named Sony’s. She was forced to change the name by Sony Electronics, Inc. due to brand infringement. It happens with some regularity. I also have a friend that called his consulting company Aerospace Engineering, and was forced by the Aerospace Corp. to change the name. In that case, I think that he hoped to trade on the confusion. Change the name; move on.

(Financial) might makes right. Sorry. If your name were McDonald, DON’T name your funeral home, “McDonald’s Final Resting Place”. If you did, McDonald’s Restaurants Corporation would have a court injunction so fast you wouldn’t have time to say, “Sesame seed bun”!

Maybe because no one takes someone seriously that can’t spell.