Do you think They pep boys…should own the word FUTURE So no one in world Can use the word FUTURE For anything automotive …all because pep boys has a old tire name FUTURA Of 1964 .

My name is kent G anderson Im president founder of Ron pratte of AZ Might be interested in Helping me Fight …PEP BOYS FUTURA Tires …VS People Global FUTURE Rights to use the word FUTURE For their own ideas …The Facts setups … Are On my web page Thank you KGA Home -701-223-0639 FUTURE sm/tm 925 N Griffin Bismarck ND 58501

this is one of the more confused posts I have seen!
You seem to be saying that Pep Boys (They pep boys) have a copyright on the word “Future” and therefore you can’t use it?

I doubt it.

Checked the web site mentioned, and it’s even more confusing!

I am quite serious when I say this: these are the ramblings of a schizophrenic.


This is the second time that this person has posted a semi-literate rant on this topic. Few people were interested in this topic the last time that it was posted, and I suspect that fewer will be interested this time.

For the OP, it might be worthwhile to take a course in Intellectual Properties, covering the topics of copyrights, trademarks and patents. It would give the OP much more insight into this topic.

Since he claims to be a security officer at a school, that is very reassuring. Not.

Actually, it would more likely be a trademark not a copyright. It then comes down to similiar products infringing on a trademark. The intent is to protect the originator’s branding so consumers are not confused. A soda manfufacturer could use the name “Future” for a type of soda and no court would disallow that because it cannot be confused with a tire.

I never cease to be amazed at the poor communication skills exhibited by some posters. Not being able to put together a single paragraph of intelligible text speaks volumes…

Didn’t Fox News sue Al Franken for using the phrase “fair and balanced” in his book title? Fox News lost.

I just checked out this wacko’s web site and you are right, NYBo. This guy is off his rocker!

I had a set of Pep Boys Futura 2000 tires that lasted 70,000 miles, as they were advertised. I drove them clear down to where the steel belts were showing, but I did make them last 70,000 miles! I don’t go to Pep Boys for tires anymore. I don’t drive my tires down to the nub anymore either!

And you think our opinions will hold weight in a court of law? I’m highly flattered!

This is a lawyer question. Look for a lawyer.

It must be cold up there in Bismark. Real cold.

I am quite serious when I say this: these are the ramblings of a schizophrenic.

Is this from experience???

Just kidding…

The guy sounds completely WACO to me.

For the OP, it might be worthwhile to take a course in english, and grammar and spelling…

I just visited the website. Wow.

Future Island? Oh well, I guess everyone has a right to dream!

HUH?? What’s he trying to say? Not a very good reflection of his school district.

For clarification of the likely reason, refer to NYBo’s post. I am beginning to think that NYBo is correct.

Aluminum foil hats, anyone?

I agree, NYBo “hit the nail on the head” on this one.

But I love the “Future Island” model. Right out of a Buck Rogers comic.

I think this way at least the website is having some visitors!