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What's the Worst Name for a Car?

I’m nominating the Chevy Bolt.

Bolt? Really? That’s the best the folks at Chevy could come up with?

That’s the best topic you could come up with? really?


Do you find there’s merit to the name “Bolt” for a specific car? Don’t all cars come with bolts?

Re: Best topic ?

This is Car Talk forums right? Isn’t for discussing topics and opinions about cars?

My car didn’t come with a lightning bolt.

Oh, so bolt refers to a bolt of lightening? Like the kind of bolt that Thor throws at his enemies ? Not a bolt that holds car parts together? hmmm … well, I guess that makes more sense, but a little too ambiguous as a name for a car imo. Esp when they already have or used to have one named Volt.

GM was thinking of electric car names. Volt was already taken (by GM).

Dodge took Charger.

Bolt, as in “lightning bolt” is an “electric” name.
I think it was a better choice than Chevrolet Static, eh?
CSA :wink:

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Obviously, in homage to the famous Chevy “stovebolt” engines.


And, yes, “Insight” is truly pathetic…


Discussion at the car repair shop

Customer: Did you fix my Bolt?
Shop: Bolt? We checked them all, there’s nothing wrong with the car’s bolts. But there were some problems with the volts.
Customer: Volts? But my car is a Bolt! Not a Volt!
Shop: Well, those words are very similar sounding, & we get a lot of cars in here, let me check the work order …
Customer: Look at the tv, the ball game’s just started.
Shop: Who’s on first?

lol …

Originally called the Standard Six, the Dictator was so named because of the car’s ability to dictate the standard for other cars to follow. Unfortunately, this was in the late 1920’s when dictatorships were rising around the world and threatening peace. In order to not ruffle any feathers, the Studebaker Dictator was given the name Director in markets that might be sensitive to being seen inside a dictator. [Photo Credit: AvrilsCars]

“Dictator” (the word) got a bad reputation later on, in the 1930’s I guess. These days they’d probably call it “The Intimidator” or something similar. That’s a pretty good looking car otherwise. But what’s the purpose of those diagonal rods? Some kind of bracing?

Whoever dreamed up using Gremlin at AMC apparently wasn’t a Rod Serling fan.

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Uh, ribbons…it’s a wedding car.

I thought it was for holding the top on during high speed chases when the groom got cold feet … lol …

The Bolt got named one of Automobile Mag’s “All Stars”, the best 6 cars in the world, in their opinion. Has me curious…

the Ford Aspire. What exactly is it aspiring to? become a real car?


Probe, Vibe and Hummer, for reasons I hopefully don’t need to expand upon. Also, Toyota’s “TRD” performance stuff is a case here you hope the customer isn’t a graduate of the “Hooked on Phonics” classes…


I saw a car with curtain balls across the rear glass and painted on the bumper was Festoon Bulbous. No copyright protection needed. That was a great weekend project for somebody.

So we have gotten away from animals, cougar, impala, mustang, pinto, bronco etc. to I do not know how to say it nicely names that are not pg? Course you could throw cruizer in there, what is next, Larry the lounge Lizard?

OOh OOh New Model LTLL

Ford Probe was kinda nasty, like I-Pad, but people got used to it.
However, my vote for worst name goes to the Horsey Horseless: