A new name for Fiat-Chrysler

Once the merger with Peugeot is complete, the company’s name will change to Stellantis:

And what marketing group came up with that name?

Sounds more like the name for a new drug… I think FCA and PSA should list the possible side effects of the merger…

May cause marketing confusion, dealer contraction, buyer’s remorse, mechanics frustration, owner constipation, explosive warranty, financial diarrhea and finally… structural managerial dislocation



That’s already happened. The nearest Fiat dealership removed the signage several months ago, and now displays only an Alfa-Romeo sign. How long until that showroom is vacant, I wonder…


Local to us, the Fiat dealer is now Alfa Romeo and Maserati. It sits next door to the Jeep, Ram showroom all owned by the same group.

Now that I think about it, that Alfa dealer also displays a Maserati sign. Between those two marques, that should be good for one or two sales per month. :wink:
And, by coincidence, they also have a Jeep/Dodge showroom next door.

I think the paired dealerships are to create a service area large enough for the warranty work! :smile:


Super dealer in mpls owns 3-4 brands along major highway. They just finished a new showroom for Mazda. I bet lot has 250 cars in it. Wonder if they sell any?

The FCA dealers are offered a chance at the Alfa Romeo dealerships first, and might be required to have them. The separate facilities might be required by FCA to differentiate the brands. We bought a Silhouette at a Chevy/Olds/Cadillac dealer in 2003. They opened the Olds dealership shortly before the public announcement of Oldsmobile’s demise. I asked why they opened it, and they said that was the only way to get the Cadillac franchise. There might be something similar going on with the FCA brands.

Sorry to whoever came up with that but “Stellantis” sounds like a new drug of some kind.

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Or !!! disease !!!

Really dumb name . And people got paid for that.


I wonder what kind of mind altering drug’s they were on must have been something good.

And I thought being partnered with Fiat was bad!

Here is a bit of trivia regarding the naming of car models:
Circa 1977-79, a friend of mine was working for an advertising agency in NYC, and they got the contract from AMC to come up with a name and the ad campaign for AMC’s upcoming compact AWD wagon.
As you all probably recall, the name that was selected was “Eagle”. However, my friend–who did some work on the AMC account–was very disappointed that his name wasn’t selected.

What was the name that my friend, Steve, thought would have been better than Eagle?
He wanted to name that new model “Happy Wanderer”. :astonished:
His reasoning was that this go-anywhere vehicle could be used to wander off the beaten path, and that this would make the owners… happy.

I tried to explain that “wandering” was not a desirable characteristic for vehicles, but he was adamant that he had been cheated when the ad agency didn’t choose the name that he had come up with. I even tried giving him a bit of German car history from the '20s & '30s, and suggested that naming a new AMC model after a discontinued German car (Wanderer) might not be a good idea, but until his dying day, he was convinced that Happy Wanderer would have been a great name for that model.


Maybe “Stellantis” polls better in markets other than N. Amer., and those markets are more important in their long term business plan. The former I doubt, the latter I can believe.

A very Japanese name. He should have sought out a Japanese car company to name their car that, at least for the Japanese market.

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In Italy pretty much everything has a Latin basis. So the Italians will probably know it is a rising star, shooting star, bright light or whatever it is, but not so much in the North American or European markets. Just dumb. No other word for it, except maybe stupid. Just in my humble opinion.

Nobody who drives a Jeep Cherokee cares what that vehicle is called in the country of origin or any other country, it is just a vehicle, don’t fall in love.

Actually, names do mean a lot. Stellantis is a fairly inoffensive name, and that’s partly why they chose it. One example of naming problems is the Toyota Yaris. It’s called Yaris outside Japan, but in Japan, it’s the Vitz. Phonetically, that means joke in German, and Toyota wasn’t going to make that naming error.

They wanted a totally new word for a new alignment in the auto world, conceived in the heavens above (la la, la la). Oops. Now I’m doing it too. Anyway, I don’t really care what they call themselves. We probably won’t see Stellantis cars anyway. It’s like Unilever. Have you seen Unilever used as a brand name? I doubt it, though you likely have many of their products all over your house.