Being aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, i take a brisk walk to my local bar, and walk home again. However here in Arkansas, i have to put up with the constant abuse from people in passing cars. They swear at me, threaten me, and on occasion throw objects at me, including bottles. Why do drivers have such a low opinion of people who walk?

You got to start walking on the sidewalk. Walking in the middle of the street will attract uninvited attention, especially when you can’t walk a straight line. Maybe you should try a motorized recliner.

Perhaps a better question is why people in your part of the country act that way toward pedestrians.
I have never heard of this behavior in other areas of the US.

When I was 17, two friends and I rode our bicycles across the USA. There were a number of times when people in cars showed their obnoxious side (throwing beer bottles at us, intentionally pulling their cars up next to us and forcing us off the road, swearing at us, etc). Fortunately the great people we met greatly outweighed the ones who tried to put a damper in our trip.

I know Joseph was being funny…but he has a point…Are you walking on the sidewalk???

Maybe you should try a motorized recliner.

Saw that on the news over the weekend…

Something tells me there is more to the story than meets the eye.

What makes you think the hostility is directed at you because you are a pedestrian? Could it be because of your skin color or that they disapprove of your alcoholism? How drunk do you get? Can they tell you are drunk because of the way you walk? How long is the walk? Do you walk on a sidewalk or in the road? Is this an area that has been designed with pedestrians in mind?

Have you considered taking a taxi?

Taverns are typically in unsavory neighborhoods so it could be the drivers in that area are the redneck type that would throw bottles at those who appear to be easy targets, i.e. those who are walking crooked, slow and pickled.

Found this today.It appears to be a problem and not just for people walking back from the pub.
The link appears not to work, but the gist is a law to make it an offense to harass, blast your horn, throw objects, or shout at cyclists from a moving vehicle.
When walking home, it is in a straight line down the side walk.

Smallcar, the question has been asked, “Are you of some minority, in any manner whatsoever, in that neighborhood?” The act of being a pedestrian puts you in one minority group. Parting your hair down the middle would be another. And, so on, it goes.