Pedal extensions

I am very short–between 4’8 and 4’9. I love my Honda CR-V, but have to sit too close to the steering wheel/airbag in order to reach the pedals. I do not want to disable the airbag. There are several types of pedal extensions available online, but I don’t know which to buy. Making my own is not an option. Does anyone have any experience with the ones available? Thank you.

I have a couple of friends who are little people. They have normal sized children who drive the same vehicles as they do. They recommend you search online for the type that suits you but here is where they got theirs. They fold out of the way so that any size person can drive the vehicle.

I have never seen any aftermarkets but there are companies that deal specifically with physical mobility vehicles.

I hope this helps, they have locations in ST L MO and Breese IL. If not close to you they could offer professional advice.