Pedal extenders

I have a stick shift 97 Subaru legacy- my wife is more shorter than I an to drive it must sit too close to the wheel. I’ve seen a number of sites on the internet that offer pedal extenders. Has anyone purchased them. How easy are they to install and remove so that we can share the care.

if you are handy you can make them yourself…then you can make sure they work.

Some are not well made and can end up being a safety issue. There is likely some sort of outfit, maybe van conversion place that handles things like hand throttle controls and such. They should be able to take care of the problem in a professional way. You might also ask the dealer if they have a Subaru product available.

I agree with Joseph. Should a poor quality or incorrectly attached brake pedal extender fall off at an inopportune time it could result in a serious crash.

Try looking for a handicap conversions place in your yellow pages. Or perhaps your state’s ADA office, in your state capital, could direct you to a place that does this type of work.