Pedal extenders

I’m hunting for pedal extenders but not the kind that you bolt on. I want ones that go over the pedal & extend it about 1 inch or so. Tried google & found the ones that go over the pedal (they really replace the pedal) BUT it’s for GM cars only. I have a 98 PASSAT. Any suggestions where I can find this item? Called VW dealer & they didn’t carry it nor did the local auto parts store. I live in Portland, OR. BJ Genovese

Have you tried companies that equip vehicles for those who are physically challenged?


Yes, I have. Those companies sell the bolt on model. Which from an engineering POV seem unsafe.

Are there pedal extenders which you believe will hold more securely than bolt-on models? If so, how are they fastened?

Try… :wink: These guys are full of it ( useful information ) :slight_smile:

At the top of this page, select “actual car information”.

scroll down to “special needs zone”. ( 3 from the bottom )

select “questions & answers ; short, tall, and large drivers” and check some of those product links under ‘tips for the vertically challenged’.