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PCV Valve on 1985-1989 Lincoln Town Car

Upon looking at the engine in my 1986 Lincoln Town Car, I can’t find the PCV Valve; the vacuum diagram taped to my cooling fan’s housing is too confusing to look at, and the Chilton or Haynes Auto repair manuals doesn’t have a picture of the PCV Valve replacement. Where exactly on the engine is this located? Is there a free online auto repair manual showing that to me? Need to change it before having the car smog tested & renewing the registration.

the pcv should be in one of the valve covers. It’ll have a hose running back to the carbuerator.

My recollection is that Lincoln engines began using throttle body fuel injection around 1980, and that by 1986 they switched to port fuel injection. As a result, there is no carburetor on this engine.

That reality notwithstanding, the pcv valve should be on one of the valve covers.

The PCV valve is in the center and rear part of the intake manifold…hidden behind the intake plenum.

This will be the old push-rod engine, 302 or 351…usually in a valve cover but it could be in the valley cover…

My picture agrees with kawasaga,
Intake manifold rear, hidden by intake plennum.

Upon visiting Pick-n-Pull, I found both a 1984 & 1989 Lincoln Town Car. On the 1984 model, the PCV Valve is easy to see, however on the 1989 Model is the trickiest to find just like mine, a 1986 model. Ford really made it so complicated starting with the 1986 model (switch to port fuel injection) that the PCV Valve is hard to find.