2005 Lincoln LS - No PCV valve available?

I can’t buy a new PCV valve since it’s no longer made for my 2005 car. What should I do?

Advance Auto Parts:

2005 Lincoln LS PCV Valve

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Where have you looked ? It seems that most major parts stores have a PVC valve for your vehicle.
Of course you did not say where you are or which engine you have .


This is reminiscent of a guy I used to know who sold his '59 Dodge in 1970 because “they no longer make air filters for that car”. :roll_eyes:

He had already dumped the car, but I took him on a tour of several auto parts stores to prove that there were–in fact–air filters available from multiple manufacturers for his 6-cylinder Dodge. His mistake was visiting one parts store where the misinformed kid behind the counter told him that these filters were no longer available, and he believed it.


A lot of OEM manufactures stop making parts inventory for anything no longer sold after 10 years… So the New Car Dealer can’t get them anymore and tell you they are discontinued, but most will also tell you that the aftermarket still sells them like AZ, ADV, CQ, Napa, O’Reilly’s and so on…

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I would continue to use the old PCV valve, frequent replacement isn’t necessary. My cars are older and have the original PCV valves.

This is what Advance Auto Parts shows for a PCV valve for the 3.9 L V8, 2 results, which one is the valve?

Nevada_545 That is only showing a transmission filter and no PCV valve on my end…

Sometimes you can clean them and blow them out…

That is correct, it is not available. Rock Auto doesn’t have one listed either.
I wonder if it is like the old 4.0 L Jeep engine that used an orifice instead of a PCV valve as a flame arrestor.


It;s called a PCV hose/separator.


Looks like the V6 is available but doesn’t have one for the V8…

Found this…

The 3.9 L V8 Lincoln LS does not have a PCV valve. There is a tube on the drivers side of the engine that goes from the valve cover/crank case to the air intake and this is what performs the crankcase ventilation. There is no valve to change

He wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box if he chose the ancient flathead 6 in the 59 Dodge.

That’s for sure. The car that he had previous to the Dodge was a Nash Metropolitan. I have known him since 1965, and–every day, in almost every way, he manages to shoot himself in the foot.

Asking here is a good place to start. After that, ask for an opinion at your local well-recommended independent repair shop, they could probably come up with a work-a-round for a part that is no longer available. Obtain one from a wrecked 05 Lincoln from an auto parts recycler, etc.